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All variants of the Bundle container have a per-entry field defining the resource's type. Many types have varying and/or conflicting names in different locations, so alternate names are given alongside a name known not to cause conflicts. Additionally, the Shader Technique and Shader types share a type ID despite being unique.

As of 2023-10-10, all existent resource types in all retail games and development builds have at least partial documentation available. If a type is not linked, there are no available real-world examples. Types not listed at all may be missing entirely. Should further development builds become available, these gaps may be filled.

Known resource types can be found below.

Bundle Resource Types[edit | edit source]

ID Name Alternate names
0x0 Texture RwRaster, PlaneTexture, TexturePage
0x1 Material RwMaterial, MaterialAssembly
0x2 RenderableMesh Renderable
0x3 TextFile
0x4 DrawIndexParams
0x5 IndexBuffer
0x6 MeshState
0x9 VertexBuffer
0xA VertexDescriptor RwVertexDesc
0xB RwMaterialCRC32
0xC Renderable RwRenderable, GtRenderable
0xD MaterialTechnique
0xE TextureState RwTextureState
0xF MaterialState BlendState
0x10 DepthStencilState
0x11 RasterizerState
0x12 RwShaderProgramBuffer PixelShader, VertexShader, ShaderProgramState
0x14 RwShaderParameter ShaderParameter
0x15 RenderableAssembly
0x16 RwDebug
0x17 KdTree
0x18 VoiceHierarchy
0x19 Snr
0x1A InterpreterData
0x1B AttribSysSchema
0x1C AttribSysVault
0x1D EntryList
0x1E AptData Flash
0x1F GuiPopup Popup
0x21 Font
0x22 LuaCode
0x23 InstanceList
0x24 ClusteredMesh CollisionMeshData
0x25 IdList ResourceIdList
0x26 InstanceCollisionList
0x27 Language
0x28 SatNavTile Tile
0x29 SatNavTileDirectory TileDirectory
0x2A Model VehicleModel, WheelModel, PropModel
0x2B ColourCube RwColourCube
0x2C HudMessage GuiHudMessage
0x2D HudMessageList
0x2E HudMessageSequence
0x2F HudMessageSequenceDictionary
0x30 WorldPainter2D World Painter 2D
0x31 PFXHookBundle GuiPFXHook
0x32 ShaderTechnique
0x32 Shader
0x40 RawFile File, RAW
0x41 ICETakeDictionary ICEDictionary
0x42 VideoData
0x43 PolygonSoupList CollisionMeshData
0x44 DeveloperList
0x45 CommsToolListDefinition CommsToolDef
0x46 CommsToolList CommsToolInst
0x50 BinaryFile AlignedBinaryFile
0x51 AnimationCollection
0x2710 CharAnimBankFile Character Animation Bank Data
0x2711 WeaponFile WEAPONDATA
0x343E VFXFile VFX Data
0x343F BearFile Bear Data
0x3A98 BkPropInstanceList
0xA000 Registry
0xA020 GenericRwacWaveContent Generic Wave Content
0xA021 GinsuWaveContent Ginsu Wave Content
0xA022 AemsBank AEMS Bank
0xA023 Csis CSIS
0xA024 Nicotine Nicotine Map
0xA025 Splicer Splicer Data
0xA026 FreqContent
0xA027 VoiceHierarchyCollection
0xA028 GenericRwacReverbIRContent Generic Reverb IR Content
0xA029 SnapshotData Snapshot Data
0xB000 ZoneList
0x10000 LoopModel
0x10001 AISections AIMapData
0x10002 TrafficData
0x10003 TriggerData Trigger
0x10004 DeformationModel
0x10005 VehicleList
0x10006 GraphicsSpec VehicleGraphics
0x10007 PhysicsSpec
0x10008 ParticleDescriptionCollection
0x10009 WheelList
0x1000A WheelGraphicsSpec WheelGraphics
0x1000B TextureNameMap
0x1000C ICEList
0x1000D ICEData ICE
0x1000E ProgressionData Progression
0x1000F PropPhysics
0x10010 PropGraphicsList
0x10011 PropInstanceData PropInstances
0x10012 EnvironmentKeyframe
0x10013 EnvironmentTimeLine
0x10014 EnvironmentDictionary
0x10015 GraphicsStub TrafficStub, TrafficGraphicsStub
0x10016 StaticSoundMap
0x10018 StreetData
0x10019 VFXMeshCollection BrnVFXMeshCollection
0x1001A MassiveLookupTable
0x1001B VFXPropCollection
0x1001C StreamedDeformationSpec
0x1001D ParticleDescription
0x1001E PlayerCarColours
0x1001F ChallengeList
0x10020 FlaptFile
0x10021 ProfileUpgrade
0x10022 OfflineChallengeList
0x10023 VehicleAnimation
0x10024 BodypartRemapData BodyPartRemapping
0x10025 LUAList LUAInst
0x10026 LUAScript LUACode
0x11000 BkSoundWeapon SoundWeapon Data
0x11001 BkSoundGunsu SoundGunsu Data
0x11002 BkSoundBulletImpact SoundBulletImpact Data
0x11003 BkSoundBulletImpactList SoundBulletImpactList
0x11004 BkSoundBulletImpactStream SoundBulletImpactStream Data

Missing resource types[edit | edit source]

There are 5 resource types not present in any known build. All of these are from early development. Known information is listed below.

ID Date range Information
0x7 Removed before 2006-06-29 Likely mesh-related
0x8 Removed before 2006-06-29 Likely mesh-related
0x13 Removed before 2006-06-29 Likely shader-related
Possibly replaced by type 0x32 (ShaderTechnique)
0x20 Added after 2006-06-29
Removed before 2006-11-13
0x10017 Added after 2006-11-13
Removed before 2007-02-22
Game-specific (Burnout Paradise)
Not present in available 2007-01-24 bundles. Either not TRK-related or removed before that date