Renderable Mesh

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aka Renderable
No Example
Resource names Unknown
Type ID 0x2
Category Generic
Main Memory only
Imports Draw Indexed Parameters
Mesh State
Vertex Descriptor
Imported by Renderable

Renderable meshes are the earliest known variant of the RenderableMesh structure used in modern renderables. Their only known use is in Black 2 (2006-06-29 build); the type was deprecated by the time Burnout 5 (2006-11-13 build) was built.


Note: Structures may have varied from platform to platform like the most recent version does. This can't be determined for certain without samples.
Note: Import fields contain a static memory address, as with other resources types of this era. It is possible this is unused and instead set at runtime.


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x40 Matrix44 ? Bounding box
0x40 0x34 float[13] ? Possibly 3 vectors and a single float
0x74 0x4 uint32_t ? Possibly a hash, or just padding
0x78 0x4 VertexDesc* ? Imported vertex descriptor resource
0x7C 0x4 MeshState* ? Imported mesh state resource
0x80 0x4 DrawIndexedParameters* ? Imported draw index parameters resource