Weapon Data

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No Example
Resource names TheBlackArsenal
Type ID 0x2711
Category Unknown
(decimal 10000)
Main Memory only
Imports Unknown
Imported by Unknown

Weapon data is a list of weapons and their details used in Black 2 (2007-02-13 build). It is similar in function to the vehicle list in Burnout Paradise.

Although no resources are imported, weapon sound resources are referenced. Raw resources also reside in the bundle with weapon data but are not used by it; these are text files containing coordinates.


The resource is an array of entries with the array length prepended.


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 ? ? 0 or 0x78013C0000000000
0x8 0x4 ? ? Weapon GameDB ID
0xC 0x40 char[64] ? Weapon name
0x4C 0x80 char[128] ? Weapon GameDB URI
0xCC 0x4 uint32_t ? 10 or 1
0xD0 0x8 ? ? Always null
0xD8 0x4 uint32_t ? 1000 or 500
0xDC 0x4 uint32_t ? 30 or 15
0xE0 0x4 ? ? Always null
0xE4 0x4 uint32_t ? 10, 8, and 6 in sample
0xE8 0x4 uint32_t ? 55, 45, and 35 in sample
0xEC 0x18 ? ? Always null
0x104 0x4 uint32_t ? 0 or 1
0x108 0x4 uint32_t ? 0 or 1
0x10C 0x8 Resource ID ? Weapon sound resource ID See Sound Weapon
0x114 0xC float[3] ? All values between 0 and 1
0x120 0x18 ? ? Always null