Raw File

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aka File and RAW
No Example
Resource names Unknown
Type ID 0x40
Category Generic
Main Memory only
Imports Unknown
Imported by Unknown
(see description)

The raw resource type is found in Black 2 (2007-02-13 build). It acts as a small header for the raw data that follows.

Due to the nature of these resources, their contents are impossible to parse without additional context. There is no identifying information in either the Bundle or the resource to denote the format of the contained data. This is as opposed to the newer Binary File type, which masquerades as other resource types so their content is known. The game most likely handles raw resources on a case-by-case basis, expecting specific data in each particular context they are used in.



Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 uint32_t ? Resource size alignment Always 4 bytes
0x4 0x4 uint32_t ? Aligned resource size
0x8 0x4 uint32_t ? Resource size
0xC 0x4 uint32_t ? Resource data offset