Renderable Assembly

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Resource names Unknown
Type ID 0x15
Category Generic
Main Memory only
Imports 1 Renderable
Imported by Unknown

Renderable assemblies are the top-level graphics resource in Black 2 (2006-06-29 build). They define how materials are used in renderables. The type is in part a predecessor to the Model resource type and higher-level types such as Vehicle Graphics by extension.

This type had been deprecated by the time Burnout 5 (2006-11-13 build) was built.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Header[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 Renderable* ? Imported renderable resource
0x4 0x4 uint32_t ? Number of materials
0x8 0x4 uint32_t ? Number of matrices Always same as number of indices
0xC 0x4 uint32_t ? Number of indices Always same as number of matrices
0x10 0x4 Material* ? Imported material resources
0x14 0x4 char** ? Material GameDB URIs
0x18 0x4 Matrix44 ? Matrices
0x1C 0x4 uint32_t* ? Indices