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A VehicleList shown in Bundle Manager.
Resource names B5VehicleList
Type ID 0x10005
Category Game-specific
(Burnout Paradise)
Main Memory only
Imports Unknown
Imported by Unknown
Use Bundle Manager

Previous versions
Description of the Vehicle List changes since the first version of the game.
Description of the Vehicle List changes during development of the game.

The Vehicle List resource contains most high-level information on vehicles in Burnout Paradise, such as their ID, junkyard stats, sound IDs and more. It is stored in VEHICLES/VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE.

Junkyard stats

All junkyard stats are controlled via the Vehicle List's GUI stat fields.


Speed stats are based on vehicles' top speeds when not boosting; similarly, boost stats are based on the top speeds while using boost. Both use the same system for calculating stats. While the numbers are liable to vary, they are generally accurate to Paradise Cars.

Stat Top speed
1 <121 mph
(<195 km/h)
2 121-132 mph
(195-212 km/h)
3 133-144 mph
(214-232 km/h)
4 145-155 mph
(233-249 km/h)
5 156-167 mph
(251-269 km/h)
6 168-178 mph
(270-286 km/h)
7 179-187 mph
(288-301 km/h)
8 188-194 mph
(303-312 km/h)
9 195-198 mph
(314-319 km/h)
10 >198 mph
(>319 km/h)


Unlike the Speed and Boost stats, the Strength stat is not based on any vehicle attribute(s). Instead, it is used as the determining value for how many times a vehicle has to wreck to lose a Marked Man or Road Rage event. It has no bearing on the actual strength of the vehicle in crashes or takedowns and appears to have been chosen arbitrarily by Criterion.

Stat Crashes to lose event
1 2 crashes
2 2 crashes
3 3 crashes
4 4 crashes
5 4 crashes
6 4 crashes
7 4 crashes
8 5 crashes
9 5 crashes
10 5 crashes




Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 uint32_t muNumVehicles Number of vehicles
0x4 0x4 VehicleListEntry* mpEntries Vehicles
0x8 0x8 uint64_t mu16BytePad Padding


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 VehicleListEntry* mpEntries Vehicles
0x8 0x4 uint32_t muNumVehicles Number of vehicles
0xC 0x4 uint32_t mu16BytePad Padding


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 CgsID mId Vehicle ID Decodes to car ID, e.g., XASBSCB1
0x8 0x8 CgsID mParentId Parent vehicle ID Decodes to car ID, e.g., PASBSC01
0x10 0x20 char[32] mDefaultWheelName Wheel name
0x30 0x40 char[64] macVehicleName Vehicle name
0x70 0x20 char[32] macManufacturerName Manufacturer name
0x90 0xC VehicleListEntryGamePlayData mGamePlayData
0x9C 0x4 Padding
0xA0 0x8 AttribSysCollectionKey mAttribCollectionKey burnoutcarasset collection name (gamedb ID) lookup8 encoded in vehicle AttribSys
0xA8 0x40 VehicleListEntryAudioData mAudioData
0xE8 0x10 ? ? Plane-related? Always null
0xF8 0x4 uint32_t ? Junkyard category By default, only WIP secondary finishes have no category. Primary finishes with no category disappear from the Junkyard. See category
0xFC 0x1 uint8_t muCarType Vehicle and boost type High nibble is vehicle type, low nibble is boost type. Switchable boost is set by the vehicle flags but will default to the type selected here. See vehicle type and ECarType
0xFD 0x1 uint8_t muLiveryType Finish type See ELiveryType
0xFE 0x1 uint8_t muTopSpeedNormal MaxSpeed from AttribSys
0xFF 0x1 uint8_t muTopSpeedBoost MaxBoostSpeed from AttribSys
0x100 0x1 uint8_t muTopSpeedNormalGUIStat Junkyard speed stat
0x101 0x1 uint8_t muTopSpeedBoostGUIStat Junkyard boost stat
0x102 0x1 uint8_t muColourIndex Default color index
0x103 0x1 uint8_t muPaletteIndex Default color type index
0x104 0x4 Padding


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 float32_t mfDamageLimit Damage limit Always 1
0x4 0x4 uint32_t mxFlags Vehicle flags See flags
0x8 0x1 uint8_t Length Boost bar length
0x9 0x1 uint8_t ? Rank required for unlock See rank
0xA 0x1 uint8_t Capacity Boost capacity The default (0) matches 5
0xB 0x1 uint8_t ? Junkyard strength stat


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 CgsID mExhaustName Exhaust CgsID Decodes to engine ID, e.g., DRAG_EX
0x8 0x8 AttribSysCollectionKey mExhaustEntityKey Exhaust ID Exhaust vehicleengine collection name (gamedb ID). lookup8 encoded in AttribSys. Used under SoundExhaustAsset and ExhaustEntityKey
0x10 0x8 AttribSysCollectionKey mEngineEntityKey Engine ID Engine vehicleengine collection name (gamedb ID). lookup8 encoded in AttribSys. Used under SoundEngineAsset and EngineEntityKey
0x18 0x8 CgsID mEngineName Engine CgsID Decodes to engine ID, e.g., DRAG_ENG
0x20 0x4 Name mRivalUnlockName Class unlock stream See class unlock stream
0x24 0x4 Padding
0x28 0x8 AttribSysCollectionKey mWonCarVoiceOverKey Car shutdown streams languagestreamconfiguration collection name in BURNOUTGLOBALDATA. Contains 8 CgsSoundPlaybackHashes to identify CAR_SHUTDOWN streams
0x30 0x8 AttribSysCollectionKey mRivalReleasedVoiceOverKey Car released streams languagestreamconfiguration collection name in BURNOUTGLOBALDATA. Contains 8 CgsSoundPlaybackHashes to identify CAR_RELEASED streams
0x38 0x4 uint32_t muiAIMusicLoopContentSpec AI music stream See AI music stream
0x3C 0x1 uint8_t muiAIExhaustIndex AI Engine Stream See AI engine stream
0x3D 0x1 uint8_t muiAIExhaustIndex2ndPick AI Engine Stream 2 See AI engine stream
0x3E 0x1 uint8_t muiAIExhaustIndex3rdPick AI Engine Stream 3 See AI engine stream
0x3F 0x1 Padding


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 int64_t miAssetGuid



Name Value Comments
? 0x1 Paradise Cars
? 0x2 Paradise Bikes
? 0x4 Online Cars
? 0x8 Toy Vehicles
? 0x10 Legendary Cars
? 0x20 Boost Special Cars
? 0x40 Cop Cars
? 0x80 Big Surf Island Cars

Vehicle type

Name Value Comments
? 0 Car
? 1 Bike
? 2 Plane


Name Value Comments
? 3 None
? 4 Locked


Name Value Comments
E_LIVERY_DEFAULT 0 Primary finish (primary vehicle)
E_LIVERY_COLOUR 1 Secondary finish
E_LIVERY_PATTERN 2 Primary finish (Burning Route vehicle)
E_LIVERY_SILVER 3 Platinum finish
E_LIVERY_GOLD 4 Gold finish
? 5 Community finish (excluding Tiger GT/Tempesta Dream)


Name Value Comments
E_FLAG_IS_RACE_VEHICLE 0x1 Used to differentiate between player and traffic cars.
Allows selecting this vehicle in the junkyard
E_FLAG_CAN_CHECK_TRAFFIC 0x2 Can check traffic.
Always 0
E_FLAG_CAN_BE_CHECKED 0x4 Can be checked like traffic.
Always 0
E_FLAG_IS_TRAILER 0x8 Is a trailer.
Trailers have this set
E_FLAG_CAN_TOW_TRAILER 0x10 Is an articulated cab that can tow a trailer.
ArticCabs have this set
E_FLAG_CAN_BE_PAINTED? 0x20 Allows the vehicle to be painted
? 0x40 Unknown. Always 1
? 0x80 Is the first car within a certain speed range
? 0x100 Has switchable boost
? 0x200 Unknown. Always 0
? 0x400 Versioning. Always 0
? 0x800 Is WIP/dev
? 0x1000 Is from 1.0. Used on Paradise Cars
? 0x2000 Is from 1.3. Used on Online Cars/Community Cars
? 0x4000 Is from 1.4. Used on Paradise Bikes
? 0x8000 Is from 1.5
? 0x10000 Is from 1.6
? 0x20000 Is from 1.7. Used on Toys/Legendary Cars/Boost Specials
? 0x40000 Is from 1.8. Used on Cop Cars
? 0x80000 Is from 1.9. Used on Island Cars


Name Value Comments
? 0 Learner's Permit
? 1 D Class License
? 2 C Class License
? 3 B Class License
? 4 A Class License
? 5 Burnout License

AI engine stream

From BrnSound::Vehicles::KAPC_DEBUG_AI_EXHAUST_NAME.

Name Value Comments
AI_F1_EX 5


Class unlock stream

Name Hash Comments
SuperClassUnlock 0xBFA57004
MuscleClassUnlock 0xEF6F3448
F1ClassUnlock 0xD9917B81
TunerClassUnlock 0xC9D8E2A3
HotRodClassUnlock 0x655484B3
RivalGen 0xE99AE3EB

AI music stream

Name Hash Comments
AI_Muscle_music1 0x9D3C81A9
AI_Truck_music1 0xA7AE72CB
AI_Tuner_muisc1 0x4B944D28
AI_Sedan_music1 0x09235CD9
AI_Exotic_music1 0xE9901A8A
AI_Super_muisc1 0xDD342AB1