Material Technique

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Resource names Unknown
Type ID 0xD
Category Generic
Main Memory only
Imports Shader Technique
Material State
Imported by Material

Material techniques provide shader details for materials.

This type is only used on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.



Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 ShaderTechnique* mpShaderTechnique Imported resource
0x4 0x4 MaterialState* mpMaterialState Imported resource
0x8 0x2 uint16_t mu16StateFlags State flags Null in samples
0xA 0x2 uint16_t mu16VertexProgramHash12 Null in samples
0xC 0x2 uint16_t mu16PixelProgramHash12 Null in samples
0xE 0x2 uint16_t mu16MaterialHash16 Null in samples
0x10 0x2 uint16_t mu16Flags2 Null in samples
0x14 0x4 uint32_t mNameHash Unknown algorithm and source
Does not match Bundle resource name
0x18 0x4 ShaderConstantHandle* mpaVertexShaderInternalConstantsHandles Data pointed to is uninitialized
0x1C 0x4 ShaderConstantHandle* mpaPixelShaderInternalConstantsHandles Unused on X360?
Data pointed to is uninitialized
0x20 0x1 int8_t mi8NumVertexShaderInternalConstants
0x21 0x1 int8_t mi8NumPixelShaderInternalConstants
0x22 0x1 int8_t mi8NumInternalSamplers
0x23 0x1 int8_t mi8NumExternalSamplers
0x24 0x4 int8_t* mpai8SamplersIndex Data pointed to is uninitialized