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Tool name Developed by Description
Bundle Manager HumanGamer, burninrubber0 A tool for previewing and unpacking Burnout Paradise's Bundle archives.
EALayer3 Encoder (patched by Bo98) Ben Moench, Bo98 Tool for encoding sound files to the EALayer3 (.SNS) format used by Burnout Paradise's sound streams. This patched version fixes bugs from the original version of the program.
Apt Player Bo98 Tool that can view Apt resources from any platform and export them to PC Apt files.
Noesis Plugins DGIorio Python plugins for Noesis capable of importing and exporting several of Paradise's resource types.
Bundle packer/unpacker DGIorio Python Bundle unpacker/packer script. Supports Burnout Paradise and NFS Most Wanted.
Blender import addons DGIorio Model/collision importer addons, to be used with the library. Supports all versions of Burnout Paradise, including some development versions.
nfs_snd_decoders id-daemon Ginsu and AEMS bank decoders.


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