How to add a new car (Burnout Paradise)

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  1. Get a vehicle file (_AT.BIN and _GR.BIN)
  2. Open up the VEHICLES/VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE in Bundle Manager
  3. Copy the entry for (as an example) the Hunter Cavalry
  4. Give it a new vehicle ID (try to format it like the game does i.e. PUSMC01 for P_US_MuscleCar_01).
  5. Give it a new AttribSys ID in the VehicleList. Can be any ID, but try to keep it as a number over 1000000 to prevent conflicts with existing IDs.
  6. Rename the files to have the structure VEH_<vehicleid>_AT.BIN, VEH_<vehicleid>_CD.BIN, VEH_<vehicleid>_GR.BIN
    1. If you don't have a _CD.BIN file for your car, just pick another one and rename it.
    • Alternatively, you can take the original files and use Bundle Manager's "Save As..." feature to give them the new name.
  7. Find the IDs that you have to edit. For all values in the table below, do the following:
    1. Edit by clicking on the menu "Edit > Edit ID" and typing in the string in lower case
    2. If it works, the name will show up in Bundle Manager
  8. Open up VEH_<vehicleid>_AT, right-click "bunrnoutcarasset", then in the menu click "Change CollectionHash"
  9. Put in the AttribSys ID from step three and save

Then you should see your new car!

Values to change

File ID in BundleManager Replace with Comment
VEH__AT AttribSysVault <vehicle_id>_AttribSys
VEH__AT VehicleAnimation <vehicle_id>_VANM
VEH__AT StreamedDeformation <vehicle_id>DeformationModel
VEH__AT BodyPartRemapData <vehicle_id>_BPR
VEH__AT AnimationCollection <vehicle_id>_ANIM Only available for the bikes.
VEH__GR GraphicsSpec <vehicle_id>_Graphics
VEH__CD ResourceID <vehicle_id>

Be sure to also change the name and hash in cleartext in VEH_<vehicleid>_CD. The hash in clear text is not bitswapped.

How to select the new car

Use BPR Modder and install Brick Remastered. You can then select with F9 the new car in the Portable Junkyard.

How to name the car

Search your language in LANGUAGE/LANGUAGE_X.bundle and open it up with Bundle Manager.

  1. Calculate the Language hash, by click on Tools → Hash in the Language Manager and typing in CAR_CAPS_<vehicle_id> for the name or CAR_BLURB_<vehicle_id> for the description.
  2. Add the hash at the bottom with the new string.
  3. Click on File → Apply changes to apply your changes.
  4. Save your changes.

You should now see your new name and description of the car!

How to change the attributes of a car

  1. Open up VEH_<vehicleid>_AT.BIN with Bundle Manager
  2. Open up the AttribSysVault
  3. At the top, you can see the attributes, which you can change
  4. Double-click on the attribute you want to change
  5. Change the values at the bottom
  6. Save

(Currently) Unavailable features

Adding a new vehicle category

Using a new vehicle manufacturer

Adding a new icon for your new vehicle

Relevant Files

  • GUIAPT/B5PARADISEICON.bundle → Regular Cars
  • GUIAPT/B5BIKEICONS.bundle → Bikes
  • GUIAPT/B5BOOSTCARICONS.bundle → Boost Cars
  • GUIAPT/B5COPCARICONS.bundle → Cop Cars
  • GUIAPT/B5TOYCARICONS.bundle → Toy Cars
  • GUIAPT/B5ICONICARICONS.bundle → Legandary Cars


  • Not yet clear how to add an entry to AptData.
  • Importing a new icons file with BundleManager breaks the game (Issue)

Changing car speed with Bundle Manager

  1. Open BundleM anager and put it in Bundle mode
  2. Click the little folder in the top right
  3. Find your Burnout game location
  4. Find the car that you want to edit the _AT file of
  5. Open that _AT in Bundle mode and double click the File with the type "AttribSysVault"
  6. Find the classname called physicsvechiclebaseattribs and scoll down to max speed, as an example
  7. Change the parameter to whatever top speed you want
  8. Close and save, you are done!
  9. Bear in mind that the increased top speed may cause handling issues.