Hunter Cavalry

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Hunter Cavalry
aka Classic Muscle
Showtime Score Unknown
Category Paradise Cars
Boost Type Stunt
Stats Speed Boost Strength
1 1 5
Attributes Top Speed Boost Speed Crash Speed
105 mph
(169 km/h)
120 mph
(193 km/h)
150 mph
(241 km/h)
Power Weight Downforce
250 hp
(186 kW)
1589 kg
(3503 lbs)
5.5 m/s²
0-100 mph
(0-161 km/h)
4.9 s
Vehicle IDs PUSMC01 (Finish 1)
PUSMC1A2 (Finish 2)
PUSMC1A3 (Finish 3)
PUSMC0G (Gold)
PUGMC0C (Platinum)
Engines DRAG2_EX
Variants Hunter Oval Champ 69
Hunter Toy Cavalry
Hunter Cavalry Bootlegger
Hunter PCPD Cavalry
Hunter Toy Bootlegger
Full list of the Cavalry's attributes.
Previous versions
Description of the Cavalry's changes since the first version of the game.
Information on prerelease versions of the Cavalry.

The Hunter Cavalry is a playable vehicle in Burnout Paradise. It is unlocked automatically at the beginning of the game and is the first vehicle the player uses.

Along with the Oval Champ 69, the Cavalry is the slowest vehicle in the game in terms of top speed, whether boosting or not. It is also extremely strong, capable of hitting most traffic without wrecking.


Not bad for a beginner's car, right? Well we're not gonna make you roll into Paradise in some junk compact your mom gave you. A good all-rounder to get you started.


The front of the Cavalry is based on the 1969 Pontiac GTO, while the rear is influenced by the 1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1.

1969 Pontiac GTO
1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1

In other games

The Cavalry appears as a playable vehicle in the 2009 game The Godfather II as the Libido GT.

The Libido GT.