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A list of tools, tutorials, and other resources helpful for modders.


To do:
Mirror tools hosted on Discord as it is against their TOS to use their CDN in this way.


Tool name Developed by Description
HxD Maël Hörz Hex editor capable of viewing the raw data of any file. Supports RAM editing and file comparison.
Ghidra SRE National Security Agency Reverse-engineering suite that can be used to disassemble and decompile the machine code of game executables.
Noesis Rich Whitehouse General tool for viewing, converting, and extracting models and textures.
Xbox 360 XISO Extractor somski Used for extracting Xbox 360 ISO images (particularly useful for Burnout Revenge and Paradise).
GtIDGen escape209 GUI program for converting text strings to encoded GtIDs, which are used in various places throughout the Takedown-era games and Paradise, and vice-versa.
vgmstream Game sound file player, which supports many of the sound bank formats used across all the Burnout games.

Takedown era

Tools compatible with Burnout 3, Legends, Revenge, and Dominator.

Tool name Developed by Description
AWDio escape209 A command-line tool for extracting Wave Dictionary files from the Takedown-era games.
BGV Palette Splitter Edness Supports extracting and reimporting the bitmaps and split 4, 6 and 8 two-grouped interleaved palettes used by PS2 Burnout Vehicle files. Also supports PSP and, partially, Xbox 360 files.
Noesis Exporter Edness A Noesis plugin to export PS2, PSP, Xbox and Xbox 360 archives, textures and models* from Burnout 3: Takedown, Legends, Revenge and Dominator. Due to format similarities, Black and Need for Speed: Shift (PSP) are also supported.
* Model support is WIP and incomplete.
TXD scanner Edness Extracts TXDs stored in a container. Only really needed for fonts that are stored in the executable. Can be viewed with the Noesis plugin afterward.
IMG2CLUT KabutoKun Converts PNG, BMP, GIF, TIFF and JPG images to the PSP's CLUT4/8 texture format for use with Burnout Legends and Dominator.
Track Texture Converter KabutoKun Converts textures in the STATIC.DAT file of each track to PNG, currently only supports the PS2 games.
Console Texture Explorer Dageron Can be used to locate, view and export textures on Burnout's PS2 and PSP versions.
BGV Blender import addon DGIorio BGV importer addon for Blender 2.79/2.80. All Takedown-era games on all platforms are supported, as well as NFS Shift PSP.

Other resources


Modding resources for the first Burnout.
Burnout 2
Modding resources for Burnout 2: Point of Impact.
Burnout 3
Modding resources for Burnout 3.
Burnout Legends
Modding resources for Burnout Legends.
Burnout Revenge
Modding resources for Burnout Revenge.
Burnout Dominator
Modding resources for Burnout Dominator.
Burnout Paradise
Modding resources for Burnout Paradise.
Burnout Crash
Modding resources for Burnout Crash.
Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
Modding resources for NFS Hot Pursuit (2010).
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Modding resources for NFS Most Wanted (2012).