Wave Dictionary

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The RenderWare Audio Wave Dictionary container format is used to store a collection of audio files, or "waves." It uses the file extension .awd. Each wave is of type RwaWave and is stored in a RwLLNode in an RwLinkList.


Offset Type Value Description
0x00 uint32_t 0x809 Magic number.
0x04 uint32_t The single byte at 0x04 seems to be a Big Endian bool.
0x08 uintptr_t Pointer to audio data.
0x0C RwaWaveDict* Pointer to wave dictionary.
0x10 uint32_t
0x14 uint32_t Audio data size. ‎
0x18 RwaUUID Xbox: 73F2018B 75DFF081 4BC8E45F 453A2D04
‎‎‎‎PS2: 5393C7DB EA6481AE 4917FC38 AAEAC9AC
GCN: 48F6C70A 72142484 6A4279E1 D3329DFD
Platform UUID.
0x28 uintptr_t Pointer to audio data.


Offset Type Name
0x00 uint32_t time_low
0x04 uint16_t time_mid
0x06 uint16_t time_hi_and_version
0x08 uint8_t[8] node


Offset Type Name
0x00 RwaUUID* uuid
0x04 char* name
0x08 uint32_t flags


Offset Type Name
0x00 RwaUniqueID uniqueID
0x0C RwaLLNode waveListHead
0x18 int8_t flagsAux
0x19 int8_t flags
0x1C RwLLLink link
0x24 void* dumpAddr
0x28 void* waveRAMHandle
0x2C void* waveRAMSize


Offset Type Name Description
0x00 uint32_t sampleRate
0x04 uint32_t dataType 0: Sony PS ADPCM
1: Signed 16-bit PCM
3: Nintendo DSP ADPCM
0x08 uint32_t length
0x0C uint8_t bitDepth
0x0D uint8_t noChannels
0x10 void* miscData Has a "00: GCN ADPCM Header" chunk which contains Nintendo DSP ADPCM coefficients and initial history data.
0x14 uint32_t miscDataSize
0x18 uint8_t flags
0x19 uint8_t reserved


Offset Type Name
0x00 RwaUniqueID uniqueID
0x0C RwaWaveDef* waveDef
0x10 RwaWaveFormat format
0x2C RwaWaveFormat targetFormat
0x48 uint32_t uncompressedLength
0x4C void* data
0x50 void* state
0x54 uint32_t flags
0x58 RwaObj* obj