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This page tracks known misinformation stemming from the Burnout Fandom, Burnopedia, and corrects it when possible.

While reading, keep in mind that although incorrect information is addressed here, many articles have other issues not covered. Summary and description sections are often written like opinion pieces and, given they contain little to no factual information, should be taken as such. The quality of writing also varies and can sometimes cause confusion and aid the spread of misinformation. Along with these, there are additional limitations on what can be covered.


Incorrect information is not always explicitly stated, but only implied/alluded to. This page attempts to document these cases but due to the nature of implications, they may be interpreted differently by different readers. To combat this issue, when an implied statement is covered, the logic used to deduce its meaning is always given. This does not mean everyone will agree, but it does mean everyone should be able to understand the point of view taken.

Additionally, claims made are often ambiguous and it is rare for clarification to be provided. In these cases, it may not be feasible to address the claim, at least not without significant research. An example might be how the Cavalry's page describes it as "surprisingly responsive when drifting." This may just be the author's general opinion of the handling, in which case it cannot be rebuked and arguably does not belong on a wiki. Alternatively, it could be that the author has based this on facts while diluting it with their opinion, or that they are directly stating the Cavalry is good at drifting. The way to validate the latter claim would be to compare the attributes affecting handling (such as TimeToLock, DriftAngularDamping, and DrivingMass) with those of other vehicles—a large and tedious task to be accomplished for little gain. As such, this page focuses on specific claims that are realistically provable/disprovable.

Burnout Paradise

Remastered as a 10th anniversary release of Paradise

Several pages, including the one for the game itself, refer to Burnout Paradise Remastered as a 10th anniversary release of Burnout Paradise. While it's true the game released roughly 10 years after the original game,[1][2] the implication that it was created as an anniversary edition is not backed up by any of the game's marketing and the date appears coincidental. Leaked screenshots from Walmart suggest the game could have been intended for a 2017 release and saw delays.[3]

Remastered on Switch running at 1080p

The Burnout Paradise Remastered page claims the Switch version runs at 1920x1080 while docked. In their analysis, Digital Foundry found the game runs at a locked 1600x900 with artifacts.[4]

Boost type impacting performance

Multiple pages either imply or state outright, without evidence, that the boost type of a vehicle is causal to its performance. Although there is yet to be any real data collected on this, gameplay with mods that allow on-the-fly changing of boost types, such as the Vanity Pack, have shown that there is no effect on performance.


Free February Update

Update pages on the wiki tend to stick closely to Criterion's changelogs, but the 1.6 page is an exception and its validity suffers as a result. It first states that the "first few cars" have been made easier to handle to accommodate new players when in reality, excepting the Opus XS, all vehicles unlocked prior to the 500 GT (49 vehicles) had their performance lowered.[5] It goes on to claim that the speed rating system has been changed, which is correct, but then says it is a misunderstanding that the top speeds were lowered, which is at least partially untrue. This incorrect statement is fully asserted in a third sentence, claiming "all of the vehicles unlocked in the game are still as fast and powerful as they were before."

The speed rating sentence also implies the boost rating system was unchanged and only the speed rating system changed. In actual fact, both were changed to use a single new system, whereas they used separate systems before.


Hunter Cavalry

Although data collected on vehicle performance shows it is among the slowest accelerating vehicles in the game even after being updated in 1.9 specifically to improve that aspect,[6] the Fandom page claims it is "an average performer with decent straight-line acceleration."

Hunter Oval Champ 69

The Oval Champ 69's Fandom page describes the strength rating as being a determining factor in the vehicle's ability to perform takedowns when the strength rating is used solely for the number of crashes a vehicle can have before losing an event. It also incorrectly states the extra mass "has not affected the straight-line performance" when according to data collected on performance, it has.[6]

Notably, its mass being greater than that of the Cavalry is mentioned. As seen on the Cavalry's and Oval Champ 69's attribute listings, this is correct (it is 600 kg heavier) and commendable in its inclusion in the page.

Montgomery PS3 Hawker

The PS3 Hawker's page is incorrectly titled PlayStation Hawker despite unmodified game assets revealing the name to be PS3 Hawker. This decision came from an administrator believing the file name, PSPPS3, meant PlayStation Portable PlayStation 3. PS3 is indeed PlayStation 3, but PSP is a prefix where, according to official Criterion debugging symbols, P means it is a racecar and SP means it is a special vehicle.[citation needed] Its official description has been modified by said administrator to be incorrect on the same basis.


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