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Burnopedia, sometimes called the Burnout Wiki, Wikia or Fandom, is a wiki hosted at burnout.fandom.com and previously burnout.wikia.com.


The wiki was founded around the release of Burnout Paradise. It quickly expanded to encompass the entire game series and became a hub of information for the community at large, topping many Google search result pages.



Burnopedia is fraught with incorrect information accumulated over the years; edits correcting the relevant pages have been repeatedly reverted. This is due to the late introduction of a requirement for references which, crucially, is not retroactive. This, along with a reluctance on the part of the administration to allow alterations to long-lived content, means while it is difficult to add new misinformation, existing misinformation is nearly impossible to remove. Combined with various unlabelled opinion pieces littered throughout the wiki, this has led to misinformation originating from its articles spreading throughout the community. This subpage attempts to document these cases in lieu of a solution on Burnopedia itself.