Vehicle List/NFS Hot Pursuit

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Information on iterations of the Vehicle List used during development.
Previous versions
Information on previous retail versions of the Vehicle List.

Structures[edit | edit source]

Game::Resource::VehicleListResource[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 int32_t miVersionNumber Version number 1016
0x4 0x4 uint32_t muNumVehicles Number of vehicles
0x8 0x4 uint32_t muNumManufacturers Number of manufacturers
0xC 0x4 VehicleListEntry* mpEntries Vehicles
0x10 0x4 ManufacturerListEntry* mpManufacturerEntries Manufacturers
0x14 0xC uint32_t[3] mu12BytePad padding

Game::GameLogic::VehicleListEntry[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 UniqueId mId Vehicle ID GraphicsSpec ID
0x4 0x4 UniqueId mNameId Vehicle name Language ID; sometimes shared among variants
0x8 0x4 UniqueId mDescriptionId Vehicle description Language ID
0xC 0x4 UniqueId Tagline Vehicle tagline Language ID
0x10 0x4 UniqueId mShortNameId Vehicle short name Language ID
0x14 0x4 UniqueId mManufacturerId Manufacturer ID
0x18 0x4 UniqueId DriveTrain Vehicle Drivetrain See drivetrain
0x1C 0x4 UniqueId EngineType Vehicle engine type See engine type
0x20 0x4 UniqueId mSelectionImageId Vehicle image Raster ID
0x24 0x4 UniqueId mNameImageId Vehicle name image Raster ID
0x28 0x4 UniqueId CarSelectSound Car select sound Wave ID. Offset 0x5C in v15
0x2C 0x4 UniqueId ? DLC See DLC
0x30 0x4 float32_t mfRealWorldTopSpeedMph Real world top speed in MPH Used for garage stat
0x34 0x4 float32_t ? Top speed (Bonus) Used for bounty bonus
0x38 0x4 ? ? Always null
0x3C 0x4 float32_t mfAcceleration 0-60 acceleration in MPH In seconds
0x40 0x4 int32_t NumberProduced Number produced
0x44 0x4 int32_t miPrice Vehicle price
0x48 0x4 int32_t miPower Vehicle power BHP
0x4C 0x4 int32_t miPowerRPM Vehicle power RPM For garage stat power @ RPM
0x50 0x4 int32_t miYear Vehicle year
0x54 0x4 int32_t Weight Weight in kg
0x58 0x4 int32_t mxFlags Vehicle flags See VehicleFlag
0x5C 0x1 uint8_t ? Always 1 except on vehicle 1065045, where it is 2
0x5D 0x3 Padding
0x60 0x2 int16_t miTier Vehicle tier See tier
0x62 0xE Padding

Game::GameLogic::ManufacturerListEntry[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 UniqueId mId Manufacturer ID
0x4 0x4 UniqueId mNameStringId Manufacturer Name Language ID
0x8 0x4 UniqueId mCountryId Country ID See country
0xC 0x4 UniqueId mSelectionImageId Manufacturer Image Raster ID

Enumerations[edit | edit source]

Game::GameLogic::VehicleFlag[edit | edit source]

Name Value Comments

Tier[edit | edit source]

Name Value Comments
? 1 Sports/Traffic Police
? 2 Performance/Highway Patrol
? 3 Super/Rapid Deployment
? 4 Exotic/Speed Enforcement
? 5 Hyper/Special Response

ID reference[edit | edit source]

Drivetrain[edit | edit source]

Language ID String
299037 ALL-WHEEL

Engine type[edit | edit source]

Language ID String
299048 FLAT-4
299049 FLAT-6
299050 INLINE-4
299051 V6
299052 V8
299053 V10
299054 V12
299055 W16
383861 INLINE-5
383863 W12

DLC[edit | edit source]

1089001 Base game
1089002 v1.2 update, Super Sports
1091295 Porsche Unleashed
1091296 Lamborghini Untamed
1097039 Limited Edition (including early unlocks)
1097040 SCPD Rebels/EA Crew Edition
1097041 Dr. Pepper promo code
1097042 Online Pass

Country[edit | edit source]

Associated with language ID via proxy ID.

ID Language ID String
299006 299013 UNITED KINGDOM
299007 299016 FRANCE
299008 299017 GERMANY
299009 299014 UNITED STATES
299010 299019 ITALY
299011 299015 JAPAN
299012 299018 SWEDEN