Static Track Data

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This container format is used to store textures and mesh data in all games from Takedown to Dominator. It uses the filename STATIC.DAT.

Versions[edit | edit source]

Format version Game Date
33 (0x21) Burnout 3: Takedown (Early Demo) Apr 2004
37 (0x25) Burnout 3: Takedown (Preview Build) May 2004
38 (0x26) Jun 2004
39 (0x27) Burnout 3: Takedown
Burnout Legends
Jul 2004
48 (0x30) Burnout Dominator (PSP)
50 (0x32) Burnout Revenge (Early Demo)
Burnout Revenge (Alpha 7 Build)
May 2005
52 (0x34) Burnout Revenge (PS2/Xbox) Aug 2005
60 (0x3C) Burnout Revenge (360) Feb 2006
62 (0x3E) Burnout Dominator (PS2) Jan 2007

Layout (Version 0x32)[edit | edit source]

Header[edit | edit source]

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Version number int 0x32
0x04 File size (bytes) uint
0x08 Materials Track Material*[] Pointer to an array of Track Materials
0x0C Material count int16
0x0E Animated material count int16
0x10 Animated material indices int16*
0x16 Texture count int16
0x18 Textures word* Pointer to an array of Texture offsets
0x1C Backdrop count int16
0x1E Chevron count int16
0x20 Water count int16
0x22 Reflection count int16
0x24 Backdrops Backdrop Object*[] Pointer to an array of Backdrop Objects
0x28 Chevrons Chevron*[]
0x2C Water Water*[]
0x30 Reflections Reflection*[]
0x34 Instance count int16
0x38 Instances Track Instance*[] Pointer to an array of Track Instances
0x3C Prop geometry Prop Geometry*[] Pointer to an array of Prop Geometry
0x40 Prop type count int
0x44 First payload prop type index int
0x48 Prop instance count int
0x4C Prop types Prop Type*[] Pointer to an array of Prop Types
0x50 Collision tree offset Collision Tree*
0x54 Hull count int16
0x58 Stream seek offsets (1P) Seek Data*[]
0x5C Stream seek offsets (2P) Seek Data*[]