Sports Coupe

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Sports Coupe
Top Speed Cruising Boosting
130 mph (209 km/h) 141 mph (226 km/h)
Difficulty Medium
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File Name playcars/coupe

The Sports Coupe is one of nine playable car vehicles in the original Burnout, and one of the five starting vehicles. The vehicle is based on the real-life second-generation Toyota MR2.


Name Description Value
mBoundingBoxBottomAdjust 0.10
mAcceleratorMultiplier How hard do we need to press the accelerator? Higher number means lower pressure for full acceleration 4.0
mChangeDownRPM RPM at which to shift down gears 4000.0
mChangeUpRPM RPM at which to shift up gears 6600.0
mCoeffOfFriction Friction 0.1
mCoeffOfRestitutionWithWorld Restitution? 0.5
mDownForceCoeff How much we stick to the ground -9.5
mDragCoeff Wind resistance 2.0
mEngineFrictionTorque ??? 0.0
mEngineIdleRPM Idle speed 1000.0
mEngineMaxRPM Red line 8300.0
mEngineMomentOfInertia How quickly the engine will accelerate/slow down 25.0
mEngineBrakingFactor Amount of engine braking -5000.0
mForceApplyHeightBrake Amount of front/back body roll during braking - more negative = more roll -0.7
mForceApplyHeightAccel Amount of front/back body roll during acceleration -0.055
mForceApplyHeightSteering Amount of body roll during normal steering -0.12
mForceApplyHeightDrifting Amount of body roll during steering -0.14
mSteeringAngleMin Maximum steering angle at high velocity 11.5
mSteeringAngleMax Maximum steering angle at low velocity 17.0
mSteeringAngleMinVelocity High velocity for above steering angle - meters/sec 25.0
mSteeringAngleMaxVelocity Low velocity for above steering angle - meters/sec 12.0
mSteeringResponse Amount that steering can change in 1 frame - low values = sluggish repsonse, max value = 2.0 0.090
mSteeringDragCoeff Amount of decelleration due to steering - the higher the number, the more speed you lose 2.0
mBrakingFactor How strong the brakes are 2.0
mSinDriftMaxAngle Sine of maximum drift angle (eg 45 degrees = 0.707, 30 degrees = 0.5) 0.707
mDriftScaleMin How "slippy" a "no accelerator" drift is 0.6
mDriftScaleMax How "slippy" a "max accelerator" drift is 0.9
mDriftMaxAngularMomentumAt60 How fast drifts turn at 60mph 800
mDriftMaxAngularMomentumAt110 How fast drifts turn at 110mph 1150
mAutoDriftDelay How easily the car autodrifts 0.5
mDriftTurnRate How responsive the drift is to steering 1.2
mDriftMinSpeed Slowest speed at which drifting is possible (MPH) 65.0
mDriftMaxSpeedPressure Pressure required on brakes at maximum speed (130MPH) to trigger a drift (less than 1.0) 0.5
mWallCollisionPenalty How much speed to retain after a wall collision - smaller number = slower speed after collision 0.99
mLowSpeedDrivingModelThreshold mLowSpeedDrivingModelThreshold is in miles per hour 35.0
mLowSpeedSteeringAngleMax how much you can steer during low-speed driving model 30
mLowSpeedTorqueFactor1 two factors to fiddle with that affect how quickly the LSDM lets the car acclerate 0.95
mLowSpeedTorqueFactor2 0.12
mFrontDist How far from the middle of the car is the fron axle? 1.3
mRearDist ...and the rear axle -1.3
Gear ratios
mGearRatioFinal 3.39
mGearRatioReverse -3.44
mGearRatios[0] 0.0
mGearRatios[1] 3.5
mGearRatios[2] 2.25
mGearRatios[3] 1.6
mGearRatios[4] 1.35
mGearRatios[5] 1.14
mGearRatios[6] 0.0
mGravityCarDown 10.0
mGravityDown 10.0
mSprings[0].mCarJoinPosLocal.y 0.04
mSprings[0].mNaturalLength 0.16
mSprings[0].mConstant 60000
mSprings[0].mDamping 5000
mSprings[1].mCarJoinPosLocal.y 0.04
mSprings[1].mNaturalLength 0.16
mSprings[1].mConstant 60000
mSprings[1].mDamping 5000
mSprings[2].mCarJoinPosLocal.y 0.04
mSprings[2].mNaturalLength 0.16
mSprings[2].mConstant 60000
mSprings[2].mDamping 5000
mSprings[3].mCarJoinPosLocal.y 0.04
mSprings[3].mNaturalLength 0.16
mSprings[3].mConstant 60000
mSprings[3].mDamping 5000
mTempEngineTorque Engine torque 610.0
Mass of car
mMass 950
mRealMass 2000
Inertia tensor
mInverseInertiaTensorLocal.a 0.0010
mInverseInertiaTensorLocal.e 0.0011
mInverseInertiaTensorLocal.i 0.0008
mBoostMaxSpeed Max speed during Boost in MPH 141.0
mBoostCameraMovementForwards Camera movement during boost 0.8
mBoostCameraMovementUpwards 0.0