Resource Types (Need for Speed)

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All variants of the Bundle container have a per-entry field defining the resource's type. Resource types can be found below.

Unlike Burnout Paradise' resource type list, there do not appear to be any missing types aside from types not imported from Burnout Paradise and (potentially) ID 0x73.

Bundle Resource Types

ID Name Alternate Names
0x1 Texture RwRaster
0x2 Material GtMaterial
0x3 VertexDescriptor RwVertexDesc
0x4 VertexProgramState
0x5 Renderable RwRenderable
0x6 MaterialState
0x7 SamplerState RwSamplerState
0x8 ShaderProgramBuffer RwShaderProgramBuffer
0x10 AttribSysSchema
0x11 AttribSysVault
0x12 GeneSysDefinition
0x13 GeneSysInstance
0x14 GenesysType Type, GeneSys2 Type
0x15 GenesysObject Object, GeneSys2 Object
0x16 BinaryFile
0x20 EntryList
0x21 BundleIndex
0x30 Font
0x40 LuaCode
0x50 InstanceList
0x51 Model
0x52 ColourCube
0x53 Shader
0x60 PolygonSoupList PolySoupList
0x61 PolygonSoupTree
0x62 IdList
0x68 NavigationMesh NavMesh
0x70 TextFile
0x71 TextFileList
0x72 ResourceHandleList
0x74 LuaData LUA
0x78 AllocatorInPool
0x80 Ginsu GinsuWaveContent
0x81 Wave
0x82 WaveContainerTable
0x83 GameplayLinkData GameplayLink
0x84 WaveDictionary
0x85 MicroMonoStream
0x86 Reverb
0x90 ZoneList
0x91 WorldPaintMap
0xA0 IceAnimDictionary
0xB0 AnimationList
0xB1 PathAnimation
0xB2 AnimSkel Skeleton
0xB3 Animation
0xC0 CgsVertexProgramState
0xC1 CgsProgramBuffer
0xDE DeltaDeleted
0x105 VehicleList
0x106 VehicleGraphicsSpec GraphicsSpec
0x107 VehiclePhysicsSpec PhysicsSpec
0x109 WheelList
0x10A WheelGraphicsSpec
0x112 EnvironmentKeyframe
0x113 EnvironmentTimeLine
0x114 EnvironmentDictionary
0x116 FlaptFile
0x200 AIData
0x201 Language LocalisedText
0x202 TriggerData Trigger
0x203 RoadData
0x204 DynamicInstanceList
0x205 WorldObject
0x206 ZoneHeader
0x207 VehicleSound VehicleSoundData
0x208 RoadMapData RoadData
0x209 CharacterSpec
0x20A CharacterList
0x20B SurfaceSounds
0x20C ReverbRoadData
0x20D CameraTake
0x20E CameraTakeList
0x20F GroundcoverCollection Groundcover
0x210 ControlMesh
0x211 CutsceneData Cutscene
0x212 CutsceneList
0x213 LightInstanceList
0x214 GroundcoverInstances
0x215 CompoundObject
0x216 CompoundInstanceList
0x217 PropObject
0x218 PropInstanceList
0x219 ZoneAmbienceList
0x301 BearEffect
0x302 BearGlobalParameters
0x303 ConvexHull
0x501 HSMData
0x701 TrafficLaneData TrafficData

Resource Section IDs

Types below 0x100 are split up into sections which appear to be:

  • 0x0 for graphics-related resources
  • 0x10 for generic resources (AttribSys and GeneSys databases, binary files)
  • 0x20 for entry lists
  • 0x30 for fonts
  • 0x40 for scripts
  • 0x50 for additional graphics-related resources
  • 0x60 for collision-related resources, further subdivided for specific resources
  • 0x70 for text resources, further subdivided for specific resources
  • 0x80 for sound-related resources
  • 0x90 for map-related resources
  • 0xA0 for dictionaries
  • 0xB0 for animation-related resources
  • 0xC0 for additional shader-related resources

There are also enumerated IDs that are not resource types, but are used solely to separate the types into sections:

ID Name Comments
0xFF E_GAMESPECIFIC_RESOURCE_TYPE Types between 0x100 and 0x1FF (inclusive) are from Burnout Paradise' 0x10000 ID range.
Types between 0x200 and 0x2FF (inclusive) are from Need for Speed.