Environment Track Data

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Not to be confused with Environment Slice, a subtype of Burnout Game Data.

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Document version 0x04.

The Environment Data format is used to store lighting/weather values and skybox textures for a given track environment. It uses the filename ENVIRO.DAT.


0x02 0x03 0x04
Date Jul 2004 Jun 2005 Jan 2007
Games Takedown
Legends Dominator(PSP)

Layout (Version 0x02)

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Minimum environment info Environment Info
0x30 Maximum environment info Environment Info
0x60 Specular color GtRGB
0x70 Sun color GtRGB
0x80 Sun position GtV3d
0x90 Sun corona radius float
0x94 Is sun moon? bool
0x98 Gradient texture GtTexture*
0x9C Cloud texture GtTexture*
0xA0 Cloud environment map texture GtTexture*
0xA4 Sun/moon texture GtTexture*
0xA8 Version number uint 0x02
0xAC File size (bytes) uint Is unused in Revenge/Dominator.

Environment Info

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Fog color GtRGB
0x10 Fog distance float
0x14 World fog intensity float
0x18 Sky fog intensity float
0x1C Specular lighting intensity float
0x20 Sun corona intensity float
0x24 Precipitation float
0x28 Star intensity float
0x2C Overall brightness float

Layout (Version 0x03)

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Unused data float
0x98 Texture offsets GtTexture*[6]
0xB0 Draw fog bool
0xB4 Fog start distance float
0xB8 Fog end distance float
0xC0 Fog color GtRGB
0xD0 Light position GtV3d
0xE0 Ambient lighting color GtRGB
0xF0 Diffuse lighting color GtRGB
0x100 Specular lighting color GtRGB
0x110 Ambient lighting color (tunnel) GtRGB All values from here to 0x138 (as well as 0x144's value) are
only applied to the vehicle when it has entered a tunnel or overpass.
0x120 Diffuse lighting color (tunnel) GtRGB
0x130 Specular lighting color (tunnel) GtRGB
0x140 Specular lighting coefficient float Intensity of the specular lighting applied to the vehicle.
0x144 Specular lighting coefficient (tunnel) float
0x148 Draw bloom bool 0x01
0x14C Bloom intensity int
0x150 Bloom additive amount int32
0x154 Bloom blur factor float
0x158 Draw sun bool 0x01
0x15C Sun size int32
0x160 Sun X-scale float
0x164 Sun Y-scale float
0x168 Number of sun copies int
0x170 Sun color GtRGB
0x180 Sun core color GtRGB
0x190 Sun position GtV3d
0x1A0 Draw sun corona bool 0x01
0x1A4 Sun corona X-size float
0x1A8 Sun corona Y-size float
0x1B0 Sun corona color GtRGB
0x1C0 Enable/disable sun blur occlusion bool
0x1C4 Sun blur offset float
0x1C8 Version number uint 0x03
0x1CC File size (bytes) uint