Burnout Game Data (Takedown-Dominator)

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The Burnout Game Data format contains configuration data and settings for a given track, such as traffic density levels, whether the track is forward or reverse, spawn coordinates for player and traffic vehicles, the start/end location of a lap, signature takedown data, and much more. It uses the extension .BGD.

This page documents the BGD version used by the Takedown-era Burnout games; see the Burnout 2 Game Data page for documentation of the rather different and much older version of the format used by Burnout 2: Point of Impact.


Format version Game Date
7 Burnout 3 (Early Demo) Apr 2004
8 Burnout 3 (Preview Build) Jun 2004
9 Burnout 3
Burnout Legends
Jul 2004
16 Burnout Revenge (Early Demo) May 2005
17 Burnout Revenge(PS2) Jul 2005
18 Burnout Revenge(X360) Mar 2006
19 Burnout Dominator(PS2) Jan 2007
11 Burnout Dominator(PSP) Feb 2007


Burnout 3
Information on the game data format used in Burnout 3.
Burnout Revenge
Information on the game data format used in Burnout Revenge.