Burnout 2 Game Data

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A much older version of the Burnout Game Data format, used exclusively by Burnout 2: Point of Impact. See this page for documentation of the overhauled version of this format used by the Takedown-era games.

BGD contains configuration data and settings for a given track, such as traffic density levels, whether the track is forward or reverse, spawn coordinates for player and traffic vehicles, the start/end location of a lap, and much more. It uses the extension .BGD.


Start Data

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Version char[] "B2 Start Info version 3"
0x20 Racecar spawn coordinates Vector3[4] The initial spawn coordinates of the player and AI rivals.
0x60 Racecar spawn directions Vector3[4] The initial spawn directions of the player and AI rivals.
0xA0 Header size (bytes) int
0xA4 Pad int[]

Game Data

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Version char[] "B2 Game Data version 9"
0x20 Segment node data size int
0x24 Segment dimensions size int
0x28 Racing segment data size int
0x2C AI segment data size int
0x30 Traffic segment data size int
0x34 Lane data size int
0x38 Trigger data size int
0x3C Trigger group data size int
0x40 Hotspot data size int
0x44 Traffic light data size int
0x48 Traffic light group data size int
0x4C Replay camera size int
0x50 Track data size int
0x54 Node count int
0x58 Racing segment count int
0x5C Racing lane count int
0x60 AI segment count int
0x64 AI lane count int
0x68 Traffic segment count int
0x6C Traffic lane count int
0x70 Trigger count int
0x74 Trigger group count int
0x78 Hotspot count int
0x7C Traffic light count int
0x80 Traffic light group count int
0x84 Replay camera count int
0x88 Chunk size (bytes) int Total filesize, minus headers
0x8C Traffic hull count int
0x90 Traffic hull data size int
0x94 Traffic generator count int
0x98 Traffic generator data size int
0x9C Traffic filler count int
0xA0 Traffic filler data size int
0xA4 Corner count int
0xA8 Corner data size int
0xAC Pad int