Burnout Legends (2005-06-06 build)

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Burnout Legends (2005-06-06)
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Build Info
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Compilation date: June 6th, 2005
Also known as: "Game-Sharing Build", "GS Binary"
Released publically: Yes

A debug-enabled executable of Burnout Legends' PlayStation Portable version, presumably compiled on June 6th, 2005 based on internal text strings. It possesses plenty of developer features, such as a full-fledged debug menu and code asserts. It was initially discovered amongst the assets of Legends' July 8th, 2005 build, being used as a placeholder for a PSP Game Sharing executable.

Developer Features


This build contains two menus where several cheats can be enabled and disabled. The first of the two can be found in the Driver Details submenu, and the second can be found by entering an event then scrolling to the bottom of the pause menu.

Debug Menu

This build contains a normally inaccessible debug menu with various developer functions. Use the cheat code below to unlock the menu:

_S ULET-00100
_G Burnout Legends GameSharing
_C0 Unlock debug menu BLgndsGS v1.1
_L 0xE0011440 0x0000D44A
_L 0x2000D448 0x10000002

Press Select to open the menu, and hold L+R to be able to navigate its options instead of having the game itself use your button inputs. Use D-Pad Up/Down to move between options, Cross to select and Triangle to go back.

Debug Export

This build contains functionality allowing for debug exporting of the ValueDB's raw data values to XML-formatted .cfg files. Values for various functions can be exported using this method, such as cameras, AI values, and car physics. In order to enable the game to write these files to a folder, use the below cheat code:

_S ULET-00100
_G Burnout Legends GameSharing
_C0 Redirect debug SaveData to memstick v1.1
_L 0xE012B728 0x002CA344
_L 0x202CA344 0x34B4EAB0//Path1Ptr
_L 0x202CA338 0x3C0508BC
_L 0x202CA340 0x0E2B22F8//DelaySlot
_L 0x202CA36C 0x340601FF
_L 0x203CEAB0 0x3A30736D//Path1,ms0
_L 0x203CEAB4 0x53474C42
_L 0x203CEAB8 0x7661535F
_L 0x203CEABC 0x74614465
_L 0x203CEAC0 0x00002F61
_L 0x202CA348 0x0E2F3AB4//Path2
_L 0x203CEAD0 0x90590000
_L 0x203CEAD4 0x3418002E
_L 0x203CEAD8 0x17190003
_L 0x203CEADC 0x3C0F4567
_L 0x203CEAE0 0x35EF6244
_L 0x203CEAE4 0xAC4F0000
_L 0x203CEAE8 0x03E00008
_L 0x203CEAEC 0x27A40020

The proper directory structure still needs to be created before being able to save the files. For Windows users, save this CMD script to the root of your PSP's memstick (in the same directory that the /PSP folder is located) and run it; it will create the required folders automatically.

To export the current vehicle physics settings, use the Save Data... option, located in the Car subcategory of the Physics menu. The resulting file will be located in the BLGS_SaveData/DbgExport/ValueDB/VehiclePhysics folder and have a filename of %s.cfg, where %s is the name of the vehicle's class (e.g. COMP for the Compact Class), followed by CAR, the index of the car in its class and the .cfg extension. For example, the Compact Type 1's data is exported to COMPCAR1.CFG.

Notable Differences

Although this build is only presented in the form of an executable, it presents a couple of differences to be noted compared to the July 8th, 2005 build that it is acquired from, aside from the obvious debug tools.

Extra Car Slot

In the rewards menu, the game alludes to containing 90 vehicles instead of 89 like other versions. It is unknown if there was actually another planned vehicle or if it was merely a spot for per say a testing vehicle that had not been fully removed, since this build contains debug tools.

Minor Changes in World Tour

Within the world tour, certain events sport minor changes with vehicle choice. Full list to be detailed soon.

Missing Signature Takedowns

In this build, there are 4 signature takedowns that are missing from other versions beyond this point. Due to not containing textures, they show up blank in the rewards menu but can still be acquired through normal gameplay. These include:

  • Tram Ram
  • Avalanche!
  • Berth Trauma
  • Tunnel of Shove

Known Issues

  • Certain pursuit events will soft-lock the game upon being started in the World Tour.
    (Full list to be written soon)
  • The player is unable to give input during the starting countdown in both crash mode and online events.
  • The player vehicle is prone to randomly becoming undriveable and/or distorted without reason.
  • Replay and crash cameras can stutter trying to keep up with the player vehicle.
  • AI racers will at various points stop driving their vehicle.