Burnout Legends (2005-07-08 build)

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Burnout Legends (2005-07-08)
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Build Info
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Compilation date: July 8th, 2005
Also known as: "Demo Build", "OPM Build"
Released publically: Yes

A near-final prototype of Burnout Legends' PlayStation Portable version, compiled on July 8th, 2005. This build was discovered on an Official PlayStation Magazine multidisc, set to launch by default in a "locked", demo-esque configuration that boots directly to a Race event. By extracting its files and properly rebuilding it, the build will run normally.

Notable Differences

World Tour

  • Certain World Tour events have different positions; for instance, Compact class' Interstate Loop contains a Pursuit in its event lineup.
  • The player is awarded the World Circuit Racer upon beating the Special Grand Prix; the final game merely awards a postcard.


Certain HUD elements are noticeably different:

  • World Tour uses a Golden City vignette for all tracks. The image also features the track's name.
    • The corresponding track name is correct on certain vignettes (i.e Silver Lake's); however, most vignettes just contain the default "Golden City" text.
  • Fonts are slightly smaller and less pixelated in appearance.
  • Crash Mode's Crashbreaker icon and "CRASHBREAKER IN X WRECKS" indicator are identical in appearance to Legends' E3 2005 build.
  • Pursuit's health bar element uses a shade of orange.

Known Issues

  • Car deformation is noticeably buggier than Legends' retail version, featuring lots of artifacting and model spiking.
  • Takedown and Crash cameras violently jitter when attempting to pan to certain angles.