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Message box template.
Use attribute 'text' to change this!

Message box template, used for generating an easy-to-make nagbox for people. Will probably be used in other container templates to automate some selections (image, color, etc)... Shouldn't really be used on its own except as a joke on userpages.

| text=        Text inside the box
| image=       Image to use (1:1 aspect ratio, resized to 50×50), file name only, e.g. File:Placeholder.png would be Placeholder.png only.
| iwidth=      Image width in pixels (keep it at 50 generally), e.g. 50.
| caption=     Image caption.
| border=      Border color, e.g. named constants, #0123456, #123, etc.
| background=  Background color.
| color=       Text color.
| category1=   Category to put this page in.
| category2=   Second category to put this page in.
| category3=   Third category to put this page in.
| min-width=   Minimum width to put the picture in.
| pic-align=   Picture alignment. Use left, right, or center. Defaults to center.