Super Type 1/Development

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Iteration 1 (Original Model)

The original Super Type 1 dates to likely around February or January 2004 at latest, with the original model bearing an even stronger resemblance to the Ferrari 360 Modena. It features a front bumper with the lower edges akin to the real car, as well as smaller headlights featuring a double dot cluster instead of a full cluster on the headlight model. The roof and hood take up a fastback shape as opposed to the more convertible-esque decline of the final model. The side window is more rounded off, and takes a more cone-like shape compared to the one seen on later revisions. The hood here is missing the vents, and the trunk vent on the front is a bit slimmer than the final model. This iteration is the only one to feature a set of 5 spokes also like its real counterpart, which still remain on the final model only through blur textures.

Iteration 2

This iteration is for the most part finalized, with the only remaining beta characteristics being the fastback roof shape and the hood without vents. It was introduced presumably around late April and lasted to most likely around mid-late June. This model can be found within the Japanese Standalone Demo and the June Preview. The car is finalized with Iteration 3 and is known to have lost 4 colors including an alternate shade of Red, Light Blue, White, and Blue.