Sports Type 1/Development

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 TODO: Replace ALL images taken in PCSX2 due to Hardware Mode muting reflections as well as some PostFX. 

Iteration 1 (Original Model)

The Sports Type 1 is thought to be one of the earliest vehicles made for Burnout 3, featuring excessive detail not found on later modesl. The first known iteration of the car is a clear take on the Veilside Fortune Toyota MR-S, and is only seen in one video, the Crash + Burn trailer. The rest of its appearances are made within promotional screenshots of the game divided among many game news sites. The first iteration of the model was discarded periodically around April, and was repurposed as the final Sports Type 3, reintroduced to the game around June.

Iteration 2

The second iteration is introduced sometime between April and really early May 2004. This iteration can only be found on this image and looks to be an edited version of the first, with a wing that is used on later redesigns until the final. The only other notable differences here serve as the trunk vent spanning across the whole rear which is likely an LOD issue, as well as the trunk shape and rear bumper being more reminiscent of retail. Nothing is known of the front on this model but it's most presumably the same as Iteration 3. It was initially posted on Twitter by Alex Ward but it was recovered at some point after his page was closed. It is unknown if this is simply an early LOD for Iteration 3.

Iteration 3

The 3rd iteration of the car was likely introduced in late May, and was seen in footage from around June 2004. It features a mostly retail shape, with side vents that were featured also on Super Type 2. The headlights have moulded panel lines surrounding them, and the front bumper grilles are still vaguely reminiscent of the Veilside Fortune MR-S. The rear shape is slightly different mostly to accommodate the different door and side vents compared to the final model. It can be found in the files of the Japanese Standalone Demo and the June Preview for Burnout 3.

Iteration 4

The fourth iteration is seen in the vehicle's garage icon is mostly retail with a larger rear vent as well as the previous iteration's front bumper. It is unknown if this was an icon edit to cover up the marginal differences in models, or if this was seen any development point of the game, as it is not featured in any known promotional media. At the fifth iteration it was met with its final form. The vehicle is known to have lost 4 colors in development including Yellow, Grey, Light Blue, and an alternate shade of Red.