Progression Data/Burnout Revenge

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The progression format, used in the file DATA/PRGDATA.BIN, contains parameters for each playable series of events in the World Tour mode.



Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 RwUInt32 mu32VersionNumber 7
0x4 0x4 CB4ChampionshipDataStruct* mpChampionships
0x8 0x4 RwUInt32 muNumChampionships
0xC 0x8 CB4RevengeMeterDataStruct mRevengeMeter
0x14 0x4 RwUInt32 muProgresionDataSize


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 CB4ChallengeDataStruct* mpChallenges
0x4 0x4 RwUInt32 muNumChallenges
0x8 0x1E CB4VehicleUpgradeTableDataStruct mVehicleUpgradeTable


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x18 CB4ChallengeEntryRequirementDataStruct mEntryRequirement
0x18 0x8 GtID mUniqueChallengeID
0x20 0x4 EChallengeType meType
0x24 0x4 RwInt32 mnRevengePointsThresholdID
0x28 0x4 RwUInt32 mnRevengePointsRankID
0x2C 0x4 padding
0x30 0x8 GtID mRewardVehicleID
0x38 0x4 CB4StageDataStruct* mpStages
0x3C 0x4 RwUInt32 muNumStages
0x40 0x4 RwInt32 mxFlags
0x44 0x1 RwInt8 mn8AllowCrashbreaker


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 GtID mVehicleID
0x8 0x4 EB4VehicleUpgradeType meVehicleUpgradeType
0xC 0x4 EB4PlayerVehicleClass meVehicleClass
0x10 0x4 EB4TrackLocale meVehicleLocale
0x4 0x1 RwUInt8 mu8FirstPlaceChallengesCompleted
0x15 0x1 RwUInt8 mu8SecondPlaceChallengesCompleted
0x16 0x1 RwUInt8 mu8ThirdPlaceChallengesCompleted
0x17 0x1 RwUInt8 mu8ChallengesCompletedAreLocal


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 GtID mTrackID
0x8 0x8 GtID mStageID
0x10 0x4 ENormalOfflineGameModes meType
0x14 0x1 RwUInt8 mx8DirectionFlag
0x15 0x3 RwUInt8[3] mau8Pad


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0xF RwUInt8[3][5] maau8ChallengesCompleted
0xF 0xF RwUInt8[3][5] maau8ChallengesCompletedAreLocal


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 CB4RevengeRankDataStruct mpRevengeRanks
0x4 0x4 RwInt32 mnNumRevengeRanks


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 CB4RevengeThresholdDataStruct* mpRevengeThresholds
0x4 0x4 RwInt32 mnNumRevengeThresholds
0x8 0x4 RwInt32 mnID
0xC 0x4 RwInt32 mnRevengePointsNeeded
0x10 0x8 GtID mNameID


Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 RwInt32 mnID
0x4 0x4 RwInt32 mnRankID
0x8 0x4 RwInt32 mnRevengePointsNeeded
0xC 0x4 padding
0x10 0x8 GtID mNameID



Name Value Comments
eChallengeTypeNone 0
eChallengeTypeRace 1
eChallengeTypeCrash 2
eChallengeTypeRoadRage 3
eChallengeTypeTrafficAttack 4
eChallengeTypeEliminator 5
eChallengeTypeBurningLap 6
eChallengeTypeGrandPrix 7
eChallengeTypeCrashTour 8
eChallengeTypeCrashbreakerRace 9
eChallengeTypePreviewLap 10
eChallengeTypeCount 11


Name Value Comments
eVehicleUpgradeTypeLocked 0
eVehicleUpgradeTypeSpecA 1
eVehicleUpgradeTypeSpecB 2
eVehicleUpgradeTypeSpecC 3
eVehicleUpgradeTypeMax 4


Name Value Comments
eB4PlayerVehicleClassNone 0
eB4PlayerVehicleClassRace 1
eB4PlayerVehicleClassMuscle 2
eB4PlayerVehicleClassCrash 3
eB4PlayerVehicleClassSuper 4
eB4PlayerVehicleClassCount 5


Name Value Comments
eB4TrackLocaleInvalid -1
eB4TrackLocaleDetroit 0
eB4TrackLocaleTokyo 1
eB4TrackLocaleRome 2
eB4TrackLocaleLosAngeles 3
eB4TrackLocaleMontana 4
eB4TrackLocaleFlorida 5
eB4TrackLocaleSwitzerland 6
eB4TrackLocaleHongKong 7
eB4TrackLocaleCount 8
eB4TrackLocaleNone 8


Name Value Comments
eNormalOfflineGameModeSingleRace 0
eNormalOfflineGameModeLapEliminator 1
eNormalOfflineGameModeBattleRace 2
eNormalOfflineGameModeRoadRage 3
eNormalOfflineGameModeRevenge 4
eNormalOfflineTwoPlayerGameModeNumber 5
eNormalOfflineGameModeBurningLap 5
eNormalOfflineGameModeSurvival 6
eNormalOfflineGameModeCrash 7
eNormalOfflineGameModeNumber 8