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USA, Greatest Hits (ULUS-10025)

60 FPS v3

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 60 FPS v3
_L 0xE0020003 0x000555D0
_L 0x200555D0 0x00000000
_L 0x2024A7FC 0x3C043F00
_L 0xE0010100 0x10441740
_L 0x2000F380 0x14800003
_L 0xE0010100 0x00441740
_L 0x2000F380 0x16200003

30 FPS v3

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 30 FPS v3 [Default]
_L 0xE0030000 0x000555D0
_L 0x200555D0 0x14A00003
_L 0x2024A7FC 0x3C043F80
_L 0x2000F380 0x14800003

Disable/Enable Timer

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Disable Timer
_L 0x2024A834 0x00000000
_C0 Enable Timer
_L 0x2024A834 0x24A50001

Reset Play Time

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Reset Play Time
_L 0x205E4A7C 0x00000000

Fast AI

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Fast AI
_L 0x20178274 0x0A200800
_L 0x20002000 0x3C0808B7
_L 0x20002004 0x8D0864E8
_L 0x20002008 0x11100005
_L 0x20002010 0x3C01435A
_L 0x20002014 0xAE010AB0
_L 0x20002020 0x0A25E09F
_L 0x20002024 0xC60F1444
_C0 Normal AI
_L 0x20178274 0xC60F1444

Show Race AI Names

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Show Race AI Names
_L 0x2020C07C 0x00000000

Harder Pursuit Mode

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Harder Pursuit Mode
_L 0x205415F4 0x00000001
_L 0x20575B54 0x00010101
_L 0x20577FB4 0x00010101

AI Always Boosts

//patch by: Dark
_C0 AI Always Boosts
_L 0x205736F4 0x00010101
_L 0x20575B54 0x00010101
_L 0x20577FB4 0x00010101
_L 0x2057A414 0x00010101
_L 0x2057C874 0x00010101

Allow 5 Rivals During Races

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 Allow up to 5 rivals on races (game crashes on pursuits)
_L 0xE0010001 0x000D4B0C
_L 0x200D4B0C 0x26730003

No Road Rage Damage

//patch by: Dark
_C0 No Road Rage Damage
_L 0x2056EC24 0x3F800000

Enable/Disable Motion Blur

//patch by: Dark
_C0 Enable Motion Blur
_L 0x0040BE6A 0x00000001
_C0 Disable Motion Blur
_L 0x0040BE6A 0x00000000

Better FOV

//patch by: AcuteSyntax
_C0 Burnout 3 FOV
_L 0x2040BF30 0x3F99999A
_C0 Widescreen FOV
_L 0x0040BF30 0x3FAAAAAB
_C0 Default FOV
_L 0x0040BF30 0x3F800000

Disable/Enable HUD

//patch by: AcuteSyntax
_C0 Disable HUD
_L 0x0040BE6B 0x00000000
_C0 Enable HUD
_L 0x0040BE6B 0x00000001

Traffic Invicibility

//patch by: AcuteSyntax
_C0 Traffic Invincibility ON
_L 0x00397A80 0x7F430000
_C1 Traffic Invincibility OFF
_L 0x00397A80 0x42960000
_C0 Current Camera Value
_L 0x0043D0C0 00000000

Heavyweights Always Selectable

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 Always allow heavyweights
_L 0xE0010005 0x000F8840
_L 0x200F8840 0x28A40006

Hi-Res Vehicle Reflections

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 1x(64x64) vehicleReflections, default
_L 0xE0070004 0x00055C84
_L 0x20055C8C 0x24840909
_L 0x20041DE8 0x24C60040
_L 0x20041E18 0x24840606
_L 0x20237A60 0x34060040
_L 0x20237A64 0x34070040
_L 0x20237A6C 0x34080040
_L 0x20237A68 0x0E2154D8//JalDelay
_C0 2x(128x128) vehicleReflections
_L 0xE0070004 0x00055C84
_L 0x20055C8C 0x24840909
_L 0x20041DE8 0x24C60080
_L 0x20041E18 0x24840707
_L 0x20237A60 0x34060080
_L 0x20237A64 0x34070080
_L 0x20237A6C 0x34080080
_L 0x20237A68 0x0E2154D8//JalDelay
_C0 4x(256x256) vehicleReflections
_L 0xE0070004 0x00055C84
_L 0x20055C8C 0x24840909
_L 0x20041DE8 0x24C60100
_L 0x20041E18 0x24840808
_L 0x20237A60 0x34060100
_L 0x20237A64 0x34070100
_L 0x20237A6C 0x34080100
_L 0x20237A68 0x0E2154D8//JalDelay

Enable 8 Car Colors

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 Allow up to 8 colors
_L 0xE0030006 0x000F8AF0
_L 0x200F8AF0 0x28A60008
_L 0x200F8B00 0x34050008
_L 0x200F8AFC 0x10000001//DelaySlot
_C0 Allow up to 6 colors in garage [Default]
_L 0xE0030008 0x000F8AF0
_L 0x200F8AF0 0x28A60006
_L 0x200F8B00 0x34050006
_L 0x200F8AFC 0x10000001//DelaySlot

Enable/Disable Traffic Checking

//patch by: KabutoKun
_C0 Traffic checking, ON
_L 0xE00109C0 0x0016D08C
_L 0x003B09C0 0x00000001
_C0 Traffic checking, OFF
_L 0xE00109C0 0x0016D08C
_L 0x003B09C0 0x00000000

Boost Colors

//patches by: Dark
_C0 Red Boost
_L 0x0056EE61 0x00000001
_C0 Blue Boost
_L 0x0056EE61 0x00000000
_C0 Default Boost Colors
_L 0x201ED674 0x10C0000A
_C0 All Cars Have Normal Boost
_L 0x201ED674 0x10C6000A
_C0 All Cars Have Dominator Boost
_L 0x201ED674 0x00000000

Boost Color Modifiers

//patches by: Dark
_C0 Normal Boost Color Modifier
_L 0x203AC504 0x3F300000 //brightness: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC510 0x3E800000 //red: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC514 0x3F800000 //green: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC518 0x3F800000 //blue: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_C0 Dominator Boost Color Modifier
_L 0x203AC524 0x3F800000 //brightness: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC530 0x00000000 //red: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC534 0x3F800000 //green: float from 0.0 to 1.0
_L 0x203AC538 0x3F800000 //blue: float from 0.0 to 1.0

2005-07-08 demo (ULET-00100)

(all patches by KabutoKun)

60 FPS v3.2

_C0 60FPS v3.2
_L 0xE00A03E8 0x00247B0C
_L 0x20247B0C 0x340501F4//GameSpeed1
_L 0x20247B1C 0x3C043F00//GameSpeed2
_L 0x20053E68 0x34040001//FPSdivider
_L 0x20247410 0x3C0444FA//GameSpeed3
_L 0x2000F600 0x34040004//MenuSpeed
_L 0x202169A8 0x3C194000//BarrierSpeed
_L 0x202169A4 0x14C0008E
_L 0x20216BE0 0x44997000
_L 0x20216BF0 0xC66D0018
_L 0x20216BFC 0x460E6B43

30 FPS v3.2

_C0 30FPS v3.2 [Default]
_L 0xE00A01F4 0x00247B0C
_L 0x20247B0C 0x340503E8
_L 0x20247B1C 0x3C043F80
_L 0x20053E68 0x34040002
_L 0x20247410 0x3C04447A
_L 0x2000F600 0x8C842AD4
_L 0x202169A8 0x00000000
_L 0x202169A4 0x14C0008F
_L 0x20216BE0 0x00000000
_L 0x20216BF0 0x00000000
_L 0x20216BFC 0xC66D0018

Ingame Freeze Fix

_C0 Ingame freeze fix v1
_L 0xE02D43AC 0x10260AD4
_L 0x20260AD4 0x0A2D43AC
_L 0x20260AD8 0x00000000
_L 0x20350EB0 0x8C860084
_L 0x20350EB4 0x24070004
_L 0x20350EB8 0x14C70003
_L 0x20350EBC 0x24050000
_L 0x20350EC0 0x10000005
_L 0x20350EC4 0x24050003
_L 0x20350EC8 0x24070005
_L 0x20350ECC 0x14C70002
_L 0x20350ED0 0x00000000
_L 0x20350ED4 0x24050002
_L 0x20350ED8 0x24090000
_L 0x20350EDC 0x908600B2
_L 0x20350EE0 0x240E0000
_L 0x20350EE4 0x01C6302B
_L 0x20350EE8 0x10C0001A
_L 0x20350EEC 0x8C8F0010
_L 0x20350EF0 0x00806821
_L 0x20350EF4 0x8DB800B4
_L 0x20350EF8 0x13000007
_L 0x20350EFC 0x00000000
_L 0x20350F00 0x8DB900DC
_L 0x20350F04 0x00B9C806
_L 0x20350F08 0x01F90018
_L 0x20350F0C 0x00000000
_L 0x20350F10 0x00004012
_L 0x20350F14 0x01094821
_L 0x20350F18 0x909800B2
_L 0x20350F1C 0x25CE0001
_L 0x20350F20 0x000F7842
_L 0x20350F24 0x01D8C02B
_L 0x20350F28 0x1700FFF2
_L 0x20350F2C 0x25AD0004
_L 0x20350F30 0x27BDFFE0
_L 0x20350F34 0xAFBF001C
_L 0x20350F38 0x00805021
_L 0x20350F3C 0x8D4400B4
_L 0x20350F40 0x8D450038
_L 0x20350F44 0x0E29F1D2
_L 0x20350F48 0x00093080
_L 0x20350F4C 0x8FBF001C
_L 0x20350F50 0x27BD0020
_L 0x20350F54 0x03E00008
_L 0x20350F58 0x00000000

Unlock All Vehicles

_C0 Unlock all vehicles
_L 0x200F7230 0x34020001

Heavyweights Always Selectable

_C0 Always allow heavy class
_L 0x200F5BB8 0x28A40006
_C0 1x(64*64) vehicleReflections, default
_L 0x20054580 0x24840909
_L 0x20041278 0x24C60040
_L 0x200412A8 0x24840606
_L 0x202346F0 0x34060040
_L 0x202346F4 0x34070040
_L 0x202346FC 0x34080040

Hi-Res Vehicle Reflections

_C0 2x(128*128) vehicleReflections, beta
_L 0x20054580 0x24840909
_L 0x20041278 0x24C60080
_L 0x200412A8 0x24840707
_L 0x202346F0 0x34060080
_L 0x202346F4 0x34070080
_L 0x202346FC 0x34080080
_C0 4x(256*256) vehicleReflections, beta
_L 0x20054580 0x24840909
_L 0x20041278 0x24C60100
_L 0x200412A8 0x24840808
_L 0x202346F0 0x34060100
_L 0x202346F4 0x34070100
_L 0x202346FC 0x34080100

Enable/Disable AutoDrive

_C0 AutoDrive ON
_L 0x003FCA00 0x00000001
_C0 AutoDrive OFF
_L 0x003FCA00 0x00000000

Enable/Disable Graphic Effects

_C0 Bloom/blur effect ON
_L 0x003FC52A 0x00000001
_C0 Bloom/blur effect OFF
_L 0x003FC52A 0x00000000
_C0 Bloom/blur ALL ON
_L 0x2004A2A8 0x27BDFFF0
_L 0x2004A2AC 0x00E44021
_C0 Bloom/blur ALL OFF
_L 0x2004A2A8 0x03E00008
_L 0x2004A2AC 0x00000000
_C0 Sun frambuff/reflections ON
_L 0x003722D4 0x00000001
_C0 Sun frambuff/reflections OFF
_L 0x003722D4 0x00000000
_C0 Only sun frambuff ON
_L 0xE0010000 0x003722DC
_L 0x203722DC 0x00000020//SunSize
_C0 Only sun frambuff OFF
_L 0xE0010020 0x003722DC
_L 0x203722DC 0x00000000//SunSize
_C0 Enable vehicle reflections, default
_L 0x200423F0 0x10A00035
_L 0x20042A14 0x108000A2
_C0 Disable vehicle reflections
_L 0x200423F0 0x10000035
_L 0x20042A14 0x100000A2

Proper FOV

_C0 Proper FOV
_L 0x003FC5F0 0x3FAAAAAB

Show Performance Metrics

_C0 Show performance metrics
_L 0x003FCA00 0x00000001
_L 0x20005B6C 0x00000000
_L 0x20005C1C 0x00000000
_L 0x200551D8 0x34840100
_L 0x200551E0 0x24A70004
_L 0x2000618C 0x34040001
_L 0x20006194 0xA2000000

Allow 5 Rivals During Races

_C0 Allow up to 5 rivals on races (game crashes on pursuits)
_L 0xE0010001 0x000D28A0
_L 0x200D28A0 0x26730003

Kamikaze Traffic

_C0 Kamikaze traffic, beta
_L 0xE0010000 0x0021EBC4
_L 0x2021EBB8 0x34040001

Change Traffic Density

_C0 Traffic density v1: 1x,default
_L 0xE0010FC0 0x00226940
_L 0x20226940 0xC48C0000
_C0 Traffic density v1: 3x
_L 0xE0120000 0x00226940
_L 0x20226940 0x0E200FC0
_L 0x20226944 0x00000000
_L 0x20226948 0x4616603E
_L 0x2022694C 0x00000000
_L 0x20226950 0x45010019
_L 0x20003F00 0x8C990000
_L 0x20003F04 0x7F383800
_L 0x20003F08 0x340F00FE
_L 0x20003F0C 0x130F0007
_L 0x20003F10 0x44996000
_L 0x20003F18 0x44980000
_L 0x20003F1C 0x46006302
_L 0x20003F20 0x44196000
_L 0x20003F24 0x7DF93804
_L 0x20003F28 0xAC990000
_L 0x20003F2C 0x03E00008
_L 0x20003F30 0x00000000
_L 0x20003F14 0x3C184060//Multiplier

2005/06/06 "GS" beta (ULET-00100)

(all patches by KabutoKun)

60 FPS v3.2

_C0 60FPS v3.2
_L 0xE00D03E8 0x002D0BFC
_L 0x202D0BFC 0x340401F4//GameSpeed1A
_L 0x202D0C08 0x340401F4//GameSpeed1B
_L 0x202D0C14 0x340401F4//GameSpeed1C
_L 0x202D0C30 0x340401F4//GameSpeed1D
_L 0x202D0C3C 0x3C043F00//GameSpeed2
_L 0x2006C12C 0x34040001//FPSdivider
_L 0x202D03CC 0x3C0444FA//GameSpeed3
_L 0x200123FC 0x34040004//MenuSpeed
_L 0x202918E0 0x3C194000//BarrierSpeed
_L 0x202918DC 0x14C0008E
_L 0x20291B18 0x44997000
_L 0x20291B28 0xC66D0018
_L 0x20291B34 0x460E6B43

30 FPS v3.2

_C0 30FPS v3.2 [Default]
_L 0xE00D01F4 0x002D0BFC
_L 0x202D0BFC 0x340403E8
_L 0x202D0C08 0x340403E8
_L 0x202D0C14 0x340403E8
_L 0x202D0C30 0x340403E8
_L 0x202D0C3C 0x3C043F80
_L 0x2006C12C 0x34040002
_L 0x202D03CC 0x3C04447A
_L 0x200123FC 0x8C842AAC
_L 0x202918E0 0x00000000
_L 0x202918DC 0x14C0008F
_L 0x20291B18 0x00000000
_L 0x20291B28 0x00000000
_L 0x20291B34 0xC66D0018

Boot Hackfix

_C0 Boot hackfix [GS_ELF]
_L 0xE0030005 0x000A1EB8
_L 0x200A1EB8 0x10000005
_L 0x200A2454 0x10000008
_L 0x202FEC90 0x10000008

Silver Lake Freeze Fix

_C0 SilverLake freezeFix v1.1 [GS_ELF]
_L 0xE0300084 0x002FBE78
_L 0x202FBE78 0x0A302C4C
_L 0x202FBE7C 0x00000000
_L 0x2040B130 0x8C860084
_L 0x2040B134 0x24070004
_L 0x2040B138 0x14C70003
_L 0x2040B13C 0x24050000
_L 0x2040B140 0x10000005
_L 0x2040B144 0x24050003
_L 0x2040B148 0x24070005
_L 0x2040B14C 0x14C70002
_L 0x2040B150 0x00000000
_L 0x2040B154 0x24050002
_L 0x2040B158 0x24090000
_L 0x2040B15C 0x908600B2
_L 0x2040B160 0x240E0000
_L 0x2040B164 0x01C6302B
_L 0x2040B168 0x10C0001D
_L 0x2040B16C 0x8C8F0010
_L 0x2040B170 0x00806821
_L 0x2040B174 0x8C8800B4
_L 0x2040B178 0x11000019
_L 0x2040B17C 0x00000000
_L 0x2040B180 0x8DB800B4
_L 0x2040B184 0x13000007
_L 0x2040B188 0x00000000
_L 0x2040B18C 0x8DB900DC
_L 0x2040B190 0x00B9C806
_L 0x2040B194 0x01F90018
_L 0x2040B198 0x00000000
_L 0x2040B19C 0x00004012
_L 0x2040B1A0 0x01094821
_L 0x2040B1A4 0x909800B2
_L 0x2040B1A8 0x25CE0001
_L 0x2040B1AC 0x000F7842
_L 0x2040B1B0 0x01D8C02B
_L 0x2040B1B4 0x1700FFF2
_L 0x2040B1B8 0x25AD0004
_L 0x2040B1BC 0x27BDFFE0
_L 0x2040B1C0 0xAFBF001C
_L 0x2040B1C4 0x00805021
_L 0x2040B1C8 0x8D4400B4
_L 0x2040B1CC 0x8D450038
_L 0x2040B1D0 0x0E2C6A1C
_L 0x2040B1D4 0x00093080
_L 0x2040B1D8 0x8FBF001C
_L 0x2040B1DC 0x27BD0020
_L 0x2040B1E0 0x03E00008
_L 0x2040B1E4 0x00000000

Unlock All Vehicles

_C0 Unlock all cars [GS_ELF]
_L 0xE0016F8D 0x00120844
_L 0x20120844 0x34020001

Heavyweights Always Selectable

_C0 Always allow heavy cars v2 [GS_ELF]
_L 0xE0010005 0x0011EE10
_L 0x2011EE10 0x2A040006

Enable/Disable Traffic Checking

_C0 Traffic checking, ON
_L 0xE0013830 0x001B51AC
_L 0x00483830 0x00000001
_C0 Traffic checking, OFF
_L 0xE0013830 0x001B51AC
_L 0x00483830 0x00000000

Unlock Debug Menu

_C0 Unlock debug menu BLegendsGS
_L 0xE001D8E4 0x0000D440
_L 0x2000D440 0x34020001
_C0 Lock debug menu BLegendsGS, default
_L 0xE0010001 0x0000D440
_L 0x2000D440 0x0E2AD8E4

Redirect Debug Data to Memstick

_C0 Redirect debug "Save Data" to memstick
_L 0xE00FB728 0x002CA344
_L 0x202CA344 0x34B4EAB0//Path1Ptr
_L 0x202CA338 0x3C0508BC
_L 0x202CA340 0x0E2B22F8//DelaySlot
_L 0x202CA36C 0x340601FF
_L 0x203CEAB0 0x3A30736D//Path1,ms0
_L 0x203CEAB4 0x53474C42
_L 0x203CEAB8 0x7661535F
_L 0x203CEABC 0x74614465
_L 0x203CEAC0 0x00002F61
_L 0x202CA348 0x0E2F3AB4//Path2
_L 0x203CEAD0 0x3C194567
_L 0x203CEAD4 0x37396244
_L 0x203CEAD8 0xAC590000
_L 0x203CEADC 0x03E00008
_L 0x203CEAE0 0x27A40020