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 TODO: Replace ALL images taken in PCSX2 due to Hardware Mode muting reflections as well as some PostFX. 

Burnout 2

Original Model

Throughout development, the Custom Coupe was not met with many changes. Initially, the car's hood crested upwards up off of the line where it met the fender and did not feature a hood grille, with the incline spanning all the way down to the middle grille on the front bumper. The icon in the menus hints that the vehicle may have had different headlights at some point as well but there is no photographic confirmation of this.

Iteration 2

The time frame of this iteration is unknown, but it was the final revision of Custom Coupe before it was finalized. This version features a flatter hood akin to retail, and the incline on the bumper is no longer present as well.

Burnout 3

Original Model

Initially introduced to Burnout 3: Takedown around June, the model was started as likely an updated port of the race model from Burnout 2 as seen in the Burnout 3 Prima Guide. The wheels in its first introduction were most likely the ones seen in the car's icon in the garage, which seem to feature more similarities to the original wheels that were on the Burnout 2 model. While no model is seen within the June Preview, the icon with the proper color scheme presents itself.

Iteration 2

After seeing its facelift, Custom Coupe Ultimate still had the colors from the Burnout 2 iteration of the livery, and it's possible it received another color overhaul seen in the icon as well before being finalized with darker shades of green and blue. Before the Compact class received a buff in the game's development, Custom Coupe Ultimate would face against Muscle Class cars that matched to its top speed seen in Burnout 2. It would later be buffed and reordered to race the Coupe Class, but would be given another buff to its boost speed that is comparable to the top cars of the Sports Class. This model can be found within the Burnout 3 July Review Build.