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Iteration 1 (Original Model)

The car is thought to be implemented around March 04 being introduced near the end of the Crash + Burn lifespan, shifting into the Burnout 3 era. The original model features much larger headlights akin to the 2004 Honda Civic Hatchback of that period, as well as a different front bumper that looks to very vaguely resemble the one seen on the Supermini from Burnout with a lip. The front grille is also different, featuring a badge as well as missing the split seen in the final game. The rear on this version is also much more fluent with the rest of the car, rather than curving inwards, with slimmer taillights and a wider trunk lid as well. This version also only features a single exhaust, and a higher quality door handle. Different decals include a SIU decal that looks drastically lower quality on the hood, a Xenier decal on the lower half of the door, and a Lualdi Racing decal in the rear plate insert.

Iteration 2

This iteration sees near finalization, with the rear being shriveled inwards and the taillights being widened. The front of the vehicle is finalized seeing a much more Kaminari-inspired front bumper, with the only pieces untouched being the single exhaust, the decals, and the higher quality door handle. It was seen from around late May to mid-late June, and can be found in the June Preview and the japanese Standalone Demo.