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Basic guidelines for the creation and editing of articles are listed below.


  • All content must be related to Burnout.
  • Pages should be as objective, clear, and unbiased as possible.
  • Sources should be referenced whenever possible.
    • In the instance original research is conducted and the games themselves are the source, the aspect of the game that was used should be mentioned.

Example content

In regards to objectivity and sources, sentences should be structured following these guidelines. For example, take the following sentence:

The Rai-Jin Turbo is the fastest car in Burnout Paradise.

This may be true, but it is also ambiguous and potentially subjective. A more appropriate sentence for the wiki would be:

At 201 MPH, the Rai-Jin Turbo has the highest top speed attribute of any vehicle in Burnout Paradise.

Here the user is informed of the source (the vehicle's attributes), the specific field being referenced (MaxSpeed), and the value (201). All of these things help to create a clearer understanding of what is meant by the text and where the information came from.

Format documentation

Asset formats are usually defined using tables. An overview of a known good template is provided here. These are not rules and the template can be modified to fit different formats in any way needed.

In general, documentation following the template should preferably:

  • Contain the offset, length, type, and name of each field in a structure;
  • Contain the name and value of an enumeration's option;
  • Have objective descriptions when possible;
  • Have any notable information in a comment; and
  • Be complete, with no missing fields or skipped data, including typedefs.

More specifically, it should:

  • Note padding by the description saying "Padding" and the type and name being blank;
  • Mark unknown types and names with a question mark (?);
  • Leave descriptions and comments blank when not used;
  • Demarcate different parts of the format, e.g. each structure, by a header with its name above it so it appears in the TOC;
  • Never mix bases unless something is obviously mixed, e.g. a max int value being present in an enumeration; and
  • Always use hexadecimal unless documenting a non-flag enumeration or bitfield.

Example structure

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 int32_t mExample Example field for documentation guide This is just an example
0x4 0x4 Padding
0x8 0x8 uint64_t ?

Example enumeration

Name Value Comments
EXAMPLE_ENUM_ZERO 0 An example with the value 0.
EXAMPLE_ENUM_ONE 1 An example with the value 1.
? 2
EXAMPLE_ENUM_FORCE_INT 0x7FFFFFFF Forces the enum to compile to a 32-bit int.

See the format documentation specification for more examples and full details on how to document technical information on assets.


  • File extensions for file names from all Burnout games before Paradise should be written in uppercase, as the original casing is inconsistent, both between platforms and between files on the same platform.
    • In cases where the file name contains a parameter, such as EXPORT/VALUEDB/VEHICLEPHYSICS/%s.CFG, leave the parameter string - in this case, %s - with its original capitalisation.
  • When adding a new build to the prototype documentation article, be sure to use the ISO 8601 (YYYY-MM-DD) standard for the build's compilation date.

Game names

The following names should be used for each game:

  • Burnout
  • Burnout 2
  • Burnout 3
  • Legends
  • Revenge
  • Dominator
  • Paradise
  • Crash

Copyrighted content

Do not upload or link game ISOs or archives, even if they have been modified.

Prerelease/development documentation

Content along the lines of prerelease footage and screenshots for documenting game content over the game's development should be included separately in a subpage.