Burnout Revenge (Alpha 7 build)

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Burnout Revenge (Alpha 7)
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Build Info
Platform: PlayStation 2
Compilation date: July 14th, 2005
Also known as: "0714", "Preview 2"
Released publically: Yes

This is a relatively late pre-release build of Burnout Revenge's PlayStation 2 version, named Alpha 7. It was built on July 14th, 2005 and contains a large amount of differences to Revenge's final version despite being relatively close to retail, such as WIP cutscenes and scrapped events and Crash Junctions.

The build also contains full debug symbols in the .mdebug section of its ELF executable.

Notable Differences


The region select menu is more reminiscent of Burnout 3's Crash Nav, being an overhead view of the world. Selecting a track highlights the state or provenance containing it, but the rest is identical to the final menus. It's likely these menus were in place since early in Revenge's development, as far back as when the game was known as Rush Hour .

The player can only select a color for a vehicle after choosing it in the car select menu, instead of simply choosing a color while cycling through them like Burnout 3. This was later reverted.


The race HUD in this build differs a bit. The rating meter is set up differently than the final game, and the end-race rating up animation is much different, featuring a sign with an arrow pointing up in place of the final animation.

Minor Vehicle Differences

Many vehicles in this build feature subtle differences that range from slight kit changes, blowers, exposed superchargers, wheels, colors, or in some cases more heavy differences in select cars. Some vehicles are implemented as placeholders likely due to being incomplete and/or not presentable for press footage.

World Tour Differences

The world tour of the game features some light differences, although a completely scrapped mode called 'Crash Tour' is presented.


As per usual with prototype builds, the AI here is very aggressive and ruthless. They're much faster, harder to take out, and throw some serious hits at the player.

The rating meter drains very fast and requires the player to consistently battle rivals to keep the rank from falling. Due to this, it is likely impossible to obtain the 'Awesome' rating in Burning Lap events.

Game Mode Differences

While mostly the same as retail, crash mode does have some minor differences. Most notably, upon using the crashbreaker, the camera will freeze to give the player a better view of the damage done, before locking back onto your vehicle seconds later.

Traffic Attack is also nearly identical to retail, however once the countdown begins, the player is immediately given control of the car.

Road Rage similar to the other modes is identical to retail, except upon reaching the takedown target, the event promptly ends, instead of letting you go until your car expires or the timer clocks out. It's unknown if this was an actual feature or only exclusive to this build.

Cut Crash Junctions

This build features multiple junctions across different maps that were unfortunately gutted for reasons unknown.

Full list to be compiled soon.

Beach Bash

Crash of the Titans

Known Issues

  • Despite the game notifying you that a vehicle was unlocked, you cannot use it. You are only locked to a set of vehicles the game forces you to use.