Burnout Revenge (2005-05-29 demo)

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Burnout Revenge (2005-05-29 demo)

Build Info
Platform: PlayStation 2, XBOX
Compilation date: May 29th, 2005
Also known as: "June Build, June Demo"
Released publically: Yes

The demo for Burnout Revenge this time post-dates E3, a few weeks after compiled at the very end of May. The earliest executable was compiled on May 29th, 2005, and much like the Burnout 3 demo features a slew of differences you might notice off the bat. Unfortunately, unlike both the Burnout 3 and Burnout 2 demos, a Main Menu patch has not been accomplished and it is uncertain how possible it is. (If you have any contributions to make towards helping us accomplish this, please do get in touch with us!)

Notable Differences

While Revenge didn't really change all that much over the course of its development, this demo is the most different publicly available build.

Menu UI

Presumed to be much like July in its format and function, the most we are able to display is merely the loading screen, besides the 2 option main menu which has the 'Race' or 'Quit' options. On it features Tokyo Muscle 1A (Criterion M-Type ST) and Detroit Racer 1A (Factory R160 ST) battling through alleys in Motor City. The loading text is backed by what looks almost like blurring lights and smack in the middle like the Burnout 3 Demo is a control setup.


To no surprise, the HUD over the course of the game's development did not change much, the clear lack of a rating meter being the biggest difference. The text backings are slightly different, the mode name at the top of the screen is missing, and the boost bar itself is also different. Currently, Traffic Attack in single player as well as Crash are not functional to obtain pictures unfortunately. The end-race screen is also completely different, displaying much more info such as the money you earned in the race, your total race time, the flag of the track location, and instead of ranking up using stars, it works by a points system much similar to Burnout 3 where you gain points for doing various things.

Early Vehicle Designs

While most vehicles are pretty much exactly the same as the retail game, they include subtle changes such as colors or textures, and most notably the Detroit Muscle 2A (Factory M-Type ST) is marginally different to its retail model. Traffic cars however feature more differences primarily in texture, and unfortuantely unlike Burnout 3 a full PVEH folder has not been recovered in any of the currently acquired demos.

Map Changes

While once again not really at all different, there is the lack of the 'shortcut' markers that are seen in July and onwards.

Known Issues

 Issues marked with * are only presented in the modded demo featuring the Quick Start menu.
  • There are no functional Main Menu systems. *
  • Crash Mode bricks the game upon selection, while Traffic Attack and Race spawn the player in the void spinning around in circles. *
  • The after-race results menu is broken and does not properly display information upon completing most modes. *
  • Road Rage features a bug where impact time tracks will continue to play after your first wreck. After it finishes out, the takedown camera fade in and out sounds no longer play, nor do any following impact time tracks. *
  • Events loaded through debug progression do not properly emulate and instead boot through a single event stasis. *
  • AI drivers upon being hit will undo the damage done to them in Road Rage. *