Bundle 2/NFS Hot Pursuit

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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit uses version 3 of the Bundle format, adding support for an additional memory type, game changer IDs, and delta bundles.

Memory types[edit | edit source]

Across all Bundle versions, a common theme is the use of separate data chunks to define what memory type resources are loaded into. These chunks are as follows:

  1. Main Memory
  2. Graphics System
  3. Graphics Local
  4. Disposable

Keep these in mind when viewing the specs below.

Structures[edit | edit source]

CgsResource::BundleV2[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x4 char[4] macMagicNumber Bundle magic bnd2
0x4 0x4 uint32_t muVersion Bundle version 3
0x8 0x4 uint32_t muPlatform Platform the bundle was built for See Platform
0xC 0x4 uint32_t muDebugDataOffset Bundle debug data offset ResourceStringTable XML
0x10 0x4 uint32_t muResourceEntriesCount Number of resources in the bundle
0x14 0x4 uint32_t muResourceEntriesOffset Resource entries offset
0x18 0x4 uint32_t muResourceDataOffset Resource data offset
0x24 0x4 uint32_t muFlags Bundle flags See Flags

CgsResource::BundleV2::ResourceEntry[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 ID mResourceId Resource game changer ID or name CRC32 Hashed names are all lowercase. Starts with 1 if UniqueId
0x8 0x8 uint64_t muImportHash Dependency name(s) CRC32(s) Multiple are combined with a bitwise OR
0x10 0x10 uint32_t[4] mauUncompressedSizeAndAlignment File sizes (uncompressed) for chunks 1-4 Has high nibble for alignment which changes between platforms
1 << [nibble] equals the memory alignment value
0x20 0x10 uint32_t[4] mauSizeAndAlignmentOnDisk File sizes (compressed) for chunks 1-4
0x30 0x10 uint32_t[4] mauDiskOffset File offsets for chunks 1-4
0x40 0x4 uint32_t muImportOffset Imports offset
0x44 0x4 uint32_t muResourceTypeId Asset type See resource types
0x48 0x2 uint16_t muImportCount Number of imports
0x4A 0x1 uint8_t muFlags Resource flags Unused?
0x4B 0x1 uint8_t muStreamIndex Stream index Used for having multiple assets with the same ID

CgsResource::BundleV2::ImportEntry[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 ID mResourceId Resource game changer ID or name CRC32 Import entries are appended to the end of internal files
0x8 0x4 uint32_t muOffset
0xC 0x4 padding

CgsResource::ID[edit | edit source]

Offset Length Type Name Description Comments
0x0 0x8 CHash mHash Resource ID Type at 0x0, ID at 0x4. See ID type for type info

Typedefs[edit | edit source]

CgsResource::ID::CHash[edit | edit source]

Name Type Length Comments
CHash uint64_t 0x8

Enumerations[edit | edit source]

Platform[edit | edit source]

Name Value Comments
? 1 PC. Reused for all Hot Pursuit Remastered platforms
? 2 Xbox 360
? 3 PlayStation 3

Flags[edit | edit source]

Name Value Comments
IsCompressed 0x1 Resources are compressed using zlib
IsMainMemOptimised 0x2 Possibly IsGraphicsMemOptimised. Always used together
IsGraphicsMemOptimised 0x4 Possibly IsMainMemOptimised. Always used together
ContainsDebugData 0x8 Resource string table XML data is present
? 0x10
? 0x20 Likely is multistream bundle
? 0x40 Is delta bundle - contains additions to a base bundle

CgsResource::ID::EIdType[edit | edit source]

To do:
These are from Most Wanted's symbols and need to be verified in Hot Pursuit.
Name Value Comments
E_ID_TYPE_NORMAL 0x0 Lowercase resource name CRC32 hash
E_ID_TYPE_DELTA_BUNDLE 0xC0 Additions to a base bundle