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  • File extensions for file names from all Burnout games before Paradise should be written in uppercase, as the original casing is inconsistent, both between platforms and between files on the same platform.
    • In cases where the file name contains a parameter, such as EXPORT/VALUEDB/VEHICLEPHYSICS/%s.CFG, leave the parameter string - in this case, %s - with its original capitalisation.
  • When adding a new build to the prototype documentation article, be sure to use the ISO 8601 (yyyy-mm-dd) standard for the build's compilation date.
  • Numeric data type names should be represented as fixed-width types where appropriate. For example, prefer int64_t over long. Where a long could be 64-bit on one machine, it could be 32-bit on another. Fixed-width types are guaranteed to be of the size in their name.
  • Hexadecimal values should always be quoted in big-endian byte-order, regardless of their original endianness.

Game Names[edit]

  • The following names should be used for each game:
    • Burnout
    • Burnout 2
    • Burnout 3
    • Legends
    • Revenge
    • Dominator
    • Paradise
    • Crash

Copyrighted Content[edit]

  • Do not upload or link game ISOs or archives, even if they have been modified.

Prerelease/development documentation[edit]

  • Content along the lines of prerelease footage and screenshots for documenting game content over the game's development should be included separately in a subpage.