Burnout 2 Race Car

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The Burnout 2 Race Car file format is used to store the model and texture data for a particular vehicle in Burnout 2: Point of Impact. It uses the file extension .RCX for the in-game model variant, and .RCF for the higher-detail model variant used in the garage.

This format contains most of the data related to any given vehicle, including mesh data, Level of Detail models, texture data, pointers to external files, deformation matrices and collision detection parameters.


Format version Game Date
9 (0x0009) Preview Build Jul 2002
10 (0x000A) Beta Candidate
Promotional Demo
Early Aug 2002
11 (0x000B) Final Game (PS2) Late Aug 2002
8193 (0x2001) Final Game (Xbox) < Mar 2003
8195 (0x2003) Final Game (GCN) Mar 2003

Header (Version 0x0B)

Offset Name Type Value Notes
0x00 Version code int 0xB2CA000B This value is 0xB2CA2001 for Xbox race car files, and 0xB2CA2003 for GameCube ones.
0x04 Loaded state uint 0x00
0x08 File size in bytes uint32
0x0C Object radius float
0x10 Wheel radii float[4]
0x28 Main object count int
0x2C Flying object count int
0x30 Wheel object count int
0x34 Shadow wheel object count int
0x38 Main objects offset Vehicle Object*
0x3C Flying render object count int[]
0x5C Flying object(s) offset Vehicle Object*[]
0x7C Wheel object offset Vehicle Object*
0x80 Main shadow object offset Vehicle Object*
0x84 Shadow wheel object offset Vehicle Object*
0x88 Main texture offset Texture*
0x8C Glass opacity float
0x90 Tags RwMatrixTag[]
0xC90 Front lights attach point int16
0xC92 Rear lights attach point int16
0xC94 Brake lights attach point int16
0xC96 Running lights attach point int16
0xC98 Reverse lights attach point int16
0xC9A Left indicators attach point int16
0xC9C Right indicators attach point int16
0xC9E Blues and twos (blue) attach point int16
0xCA0 Blues and twos (red) attach point int16
0xCA2 Strobe lights attach point int16
0xCA4 Exhaust attach point int16
0xCA6 Glass attach point int16
0xCA8 Steam attach point int16
0xCAA Fire attach point int16
0xCAC Kojack attach point int16
0xCB0 Bounding box Bounding Box
0xCD0 Use bounding hull? bool
0xCD4 Total vertex count int
0xCD8 Speedometer texture offset Texture*
0xCDC BSM offsets BSM Sound Model*[2]